Escalating Tension with Russia: US Hits Syrians, Russia Cuts Communication

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For someone who was supposed to be in Russia’s “pocket,” President Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchy sure seems shaky. The latest evidence that Putin may have been wrong to prefer Trump to Clinton is the growing tension between our two nations over the war in Syria. While President Trump has openly spoke about wanting to diffuse tension with Moscow, he’s also said that he’s not willing to sacrifice the people of Syria to see it happen. Thus far, he’s been far more consistent with his foreign policy rhetoric in Syria than President Obama ever was… and it’s starting to get on Russia’s nerves.

However, the rising heat between the world’s two most active foreign powers (the USA and Russia) is not really a good thing. While it shows that Trump is someone who will stick to what he says, it also means that Russia is taking a more threatening stance with the USA and our allies.

Recently, former Texas Congressman Ron Paul spoke out about the rising tension and explained that Syria is not the place that President Trump should be drawing a line in the sand with Russia.

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From the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity:

A US Navy F-18 shot down a Syrian military aircraft over Syrian territory Sunday, marking the first time the US has engaged in air to air combat since the US attack on Yugoslavia in 1999. US claims that the Syrians were targeting US-backed rebels were undermined by reporting by the generally pro-rebel Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which stated that according to its sources on the ground the Syrian aircraft was not attacking US-backed anti-government forces. The Russians, who also had military aircraft near the shot down Syrian jet, claim the US did not provide warning via the hotline to prevent accidents between the US and Russia. As a result, the Russian defense ministry announced that it would track any flying object flying in its area of operations as potential targets. How high will this new tension rise? Tune in to today’s Liberty Report: 🇺🇸

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