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Erratic North Korea Spurs Spike in Japanese Bomb Shelter Sales

Kim Jong Un has long been a scourge on the eastern edge of Asia, and of particular nuisance to the Japanese due in no small part to their incessant military tests over the sea of Japan.

In recent months, North Korea’s military aggression has ramped up considerably, as Kim and his military leaders continue to taunt and threaten the United States, Japan, South Korea, and more.  This latest unhinging of the “supreme” leader has only been made more unnerving by the revelation that Kim Jong Un may have an intercontinental ballistic missile at his disposal, capable of sending a nuclear warhead to Seoul, Tokyo, Anchorage, or even San Diego.

In Japan, the threats of the DPRK are considered quite valid, and this latest escalation of vitriol from North Korea has the Japanese clamoring for personal bomb shelters, snatching them up at nearly $20K each.

“Business has never been better at Atlas Survival Shelters, which ships bunkers to customers around the world from its U.S. factories. Among the best sellers: the BombNado, with a starting price of $18,999.

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“The popularity of the company’s doomsday fortifications is no surprise, considering the state of the world in general and, specifically, Kim Jong-Un’s pursuit of a missile that can hit the continental U.S. Curiously, though, the most furious surge of interest isn’t in America but Japan, a country that’s long been within North Korea’s striking distance.

“’Japan’s going hog wild right now,’ said Ron Hubbard, owner of Atlas Survival. The Montebello, California-based company makes about a dozen different underground refuge models intended to be inhabitable for six months to a year, some outfitted with escape tunnels, decontamination rooms and bulletproof hatches.

“While the Japanese have viewed North Korea as a menace for decades, the rogue regime’s July 4 launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile raised the level of alarm among preppers, as some people serious about emergency preparedness call themselves. Japan has its own small bunker-making sector, but the U.S., unique in its abundance of survivalist networks, is ground zero for get-ready-for-Armageddon businesses.”

Estimates of the damage that North Korea can truly do at this stage in their weapons’ development have varied widely.  While some believe that the rogue nation’s single ICBM launch was a single, lucky shot in a series of otherwise failed attempts, a great many military leaders have urged President Trump to take action sooner rather than later, citing Kim Jong Un’s maniacal past behavior.


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