EpiPen’s Price Hike & Hillary Lies: What difference does it make?

“What difference, at this point, does it make?” Remember those, now famous, words uttered by, then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton when pressed in a Senate Hearing to explain the gross negligence of the Obama Administration? A negligence resulting in four Americans being murdered in Benghazi and her having to explain her part in characterizing the attacks as a spontaneous riot over an online video that mocked Islam’s Prophet Mohammad?

What difference does it make? Some may say the difference for those four Americans were the difference between life and death. However, let us consider her question, for a moment, from the context of morality. Is there such a thing as right and wrong? Is there such a thing as absolute good and bad behaviors? Or, are we free to make it up as we go? If there is no right or wrong, just conveniences, then Hillary is correct. What difference, at this point, does it make if four Americans, needlessly, lost their lives? If convenience is the goal and it was deemed more convenient to do nothing than to do something that could have changed the outcome of the situation, then what difference does it make? If people’s lives are expendable, to be leveraged for the greater “good”, what difference, at this point, does it make? All becomes fair in love and war. If there is no such thing as an absolute right and an absolute wrong, then the strong should get about surviving while evolution takes care of the weak ones. Right?

Wrong! Absolute morality does exist. Hence the reason we get angry at injustices. It’s the reason we, oftentimes, root for the underdog. It’s the reason there is national outrage being felt over the nearly 400% price increase of the EpiPen.

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No other group like the Progressive Democrats have the market cornered on this loosey-goosey morality we see playing out in politics and in our culture today. It appears what they deem right today, could be considered wrong tomorrow. One just never knows. For some many Americans today, morality fits on a sliding scale. But, if this is indeed the case, why the uproar from progressives and conservatives, alike, over the drastic price hike in the cost of the EpiPen? Maybe Hillary was on to something. If life is all about leveraging others to promote one’s own goals in life, then what difference does it make? If there is no right or wrong, just conveniences, why not try to grab as much profit as possible before a generic brand can hit the market? Some people would call what Mylan, the maker of the EpiPen, did as “good business.”

EpiPen2But, at what point do “good business” tactics become unethical? Is morality a blurry line? Is it the same blurry line Hillary encountered while at the State Department? Were the boundaries of what is right versus what is wrong unclear to Hillary during the time she, both, represented the interest of our nation and received multi-million dollar donations into the Clinton Foundation from international leaders, corporations, and individuals who sought her influence to promote their own self-interest? Instead of a solid, bold line, is the concept of right and wrong just a vague streak?

The reason why the EpiPen price hike is decried among liberals and conservatives, alike, is because, as one news anchor said, “it’s not moral.” Raising the price of a life-saving medication, potentially putting it out of reach for some consumers, just because you can, just doesn’t seem right. Morally, it’s just wrong.

It’s essential to understand, morality is not a Christian concept. Christians did not invent the concept of right and wrong. Morality pre-dates Christianity. It’s a concept that has been placed into the heart of every single human being. Most of us know, instinctively, that some things are just wrong be it taught by our culture or divinely placed into our hearts.

The sense of morality that causes us to all complain when a pharmaceutical company hikes up its prices on life-saving drugs, is the exact same morality that should cause each of us to condemn the innumerable instances of ill-timed, bad judgments, political pandering, boarder-line criminal like activity Hillary has engaged in for years. That sense of injustice that gnaws at you over the thought of a company being egregiously greedy. Is the same sense of injustice we should have all felt when Hillary’s Pay to Play scandal was revealed.

To not feel this way, begs the question, are you morally bankrupt? Do you just don’t have it in you to distinguish any longer between True or False? Up from Down? Left from Right? Facts from Fiction?

Do the adage, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” mean anything to anyone? Is Hillary’s past behavior indicative of what we can expect from a Hillary Clinton presidency? Does that image frighten you, yet?


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