Epic Video shows Black Trump Supporter Putting CNN Hypocrites in their Place!

A man who identified himself as a reporter for CNN interviewed a Trump supporter at the Republican National Convention. The Trump supporter – who identified himself as Kenneth – happened to be black.

Through the course of the brief interview, it was clear that Kenneth did not like Black Lives Matter, the Clinton Foundation, globalism, or the Democratic Party. He explained how the Democrats try to control black people with welfare benefits, and as long as blacks remain dependent on the Democratic “plantation,” the Democrats are happy.

The reporter asked the black Trump supporter about what he thought of white supremacists supporting Trump.

“It doesn’t matter. That’s the right of free speech. I’m sick of this race and divide. And CNN is perfect at doing that,” Kenneth responded. “It’s always divide and conquer. People have the right to choose whatever they want. What the hell does that have to do with Donald Trump? He’s not a racist! I’m sick of that!”

“It’s a scam! And I know it’s not going to get on CNN. We’re sick of you, media!” Kenneth exclaimed.

Another reporter who was watching the interview asked the CNN reporter whether these questions were really fair. Just because a self-proclaimed white supremacist might support Donald Trump, doesn’t mean that Trump is racist – a guilt-by-association connection that the media is wont to do with just about any conservative and/or Republican.

Further, the CNN reporter was asked about the Black Panthers and whether they support Obama. The CNN reporter refused to answer any questions, saying only that he was “just here doing my job.” The reporter walked away, ignoring any further questions.


Reposted with Permission from Eagle Rising.

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