Embarrassing Source of Hawaii’s Delayed Missile Correction Revealed

For decades, the United States and her citizens were right to scoff at the insane claims of nuclear annihilation wafting across the Pacific Ocean from North Korea…but not anymore.

Over the course of the last year, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s threats have became all the more real, as the nation successfully tested not only its first few intercontinental ballistic missiles, but also showed signs of having detonated their first thermonuclear device – a hydrogen bomb, according to sources from within the hermit kingdom.

This all boils down to the concept of North Korea being able to merge these two technologies into a single cohesive unit, capable of striking literally anywhere within the world.  While Kim claims that this day is already here, estimates from the international community have the likelihood of the DPRK’s evolution to true nuclear power occurring sometime in 2018.

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Given that we’re days, weeks, or months away from Kim Jong Un being able to take the world hostage with his unwarranted nuclear weapons, the planet seems to be a bit on edge – especially for those living nearest the despotic dictatorship.  This includes the fine people of Hawaii, who just days ago were sent an accidental ballistic missile warning to their cell phones that concluded with the line “THIS IS NOT A DRILL”.

For nearly 40 minutes, the people of Hawaii panicked, even though the police and the Governor of the Aloha State knew within approximately 5 minutes that this was an erroneous alarm.  Why, then, did it take so long to reassure these Americans that their lives were not coming to an end?

Well, that’s because the governor of Hawaii forgot his Twitter password.

“Gov. David Ige didn’t know his Twitter password.

“Ige, after delivering his State of the State address on Monday, told reporters the reason it took him nearly 20 minutes to tweet, ‘There is NO missile threat,’ is that he didn’t have his ducks in a row, password-wise. ‘I have to confess that I don’t know my Twitter account log-ons and the passwords, so certainly that’s one of the changes I made,’ the Hawaii Democrat told the Honolulu Star Advertiser. ‘I’ve been putting that on my phone so that we can access the social media directly.’

“Hawaii’s Emergency Management Agency mistakenly sent an alert at 8:07 am Pacific time on Saturday, January 13, warning of a ballistic missile threat inbound to the state. Ige sent out his tweet saying there was no threat at 8:24 am Pacific.”

Ige was beaten to the punch by Rep. Tulsi Gabbard by a whopping 5 minutes due to the Twitter turbulence.

While Donald Trump may be revolutionizing the way that our government communicates with each other via the social media platform, this incident just goes to show that not all politicians are created equal when it comes to their tweeting skills.

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