Email Leaks Show Conservative Blogger Secretly Working for Hillary Clinton!

Ouch. This one hurts, personally. Our circle of right-leaning bloggers is a tight-knit group and we rely on each other for help, both with stories and with spreading the word. That trust was recently violated by one of our own. Former British Conservative MP and co-founder of the conservative website Heat Street, Louise Mensch, was revealed by the WikiLeaks hack as a secret supporter of Hillary Clinton.

In an email to Clinton crony Michael Kives (which was then forwarded to Clinton’s right-hand man John Podesta), Mensch advises the Clinton team on how to better portray their candidate to the nation.

When the news broke that Mensch had been trying to help Hillary Clinton, she immediately responded by deflecting blame, and decrying WikiLeaks’ airing of the hacked emails.

Mensch first attempted to argue that Donald Trump was such a horrific candidate that she was happy to assist in defeating him. The problem with this line of defense is that if you read the timestamp of her original email, it was sent while the primary was still in question and Donald Trump was not yet the nominee. The original email was sent on February 14th when several other options remained as viable candidates for the GOP nomination.

Mensch now works for Evan McMullin, the Republican upstart running as an independent but likely to only appear on a handful of ballots in November. However, even as she works for a republican, she still shouts her support of Hillary Clinton from the highest rooftops… check out the Tweet she just pinned to the top of her newsfeed.

Sadly, Mensch and Heat Street will likely now go the way of the dinosaur as conservatives wake up to her treason. There is nothing conservative about Hillary Clinton, and even if you think that Donald Trump is a bad candidate (as many conservatives do), it doesn’t mean you should throw your support to Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a demonstrably worse choice for President than Donald Trump, and any conservative who says otherwise has lost their ever-loving mind.

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