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Elitist Democrat Hillary Clinton’s Book Tour Tickets Top $1,200

Hillary Clinton has long been out of touch with the majority of Americans thanks to her incessant quest for power and wealth, with no regard for just how she achieves them.

This was never more apparent than during her ill-fated bid to win the White House in 2016.  Not only was Clinton discovered to be colluding with the DNC to cheat Bernie Sanders out of the primary process, but, previous to that, Clinton had hoped to put pressure on liberal media outlets to cover Donald Trump in such a way as to make him appear as a serious contender in the crowded GOP field.  Her assumption was that Trump would be a simple opponent to dismantle in a one-on-one matchup in the late stages of the general election.

Spoiler alert:  That didn’t work.  At all.

As Clinton plummeted into civilian life after her harrowing loss to Trump in November, she and her campaign continued to roll out excuse after excuse for her failures.  Now, incredulously, Clinton has deemed it appropriate to attempt to cash in on her constituents by writing a book regarding her electoral experience bluntly titled “What Happened”.

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Now, this self-appointed champion of the common man is heading out on the road to promote this likely farcical retelling of her tale.  Given her failure as a candidate and her current status as an unemployed progressive plebeian, Clinton is hoping to cash in on the opportunity she is so graciously presenting to her legions of liberal louses with tickets to these appearances reaching astronomical prices.

“On Monday, the ex-Democratic nominee announced ‘Hillary Clinton Live,’ a 15-city tour, which includes stops in a handful of states she lost in the election last year.

“Promotional materials for her first stop, at the Warner Theatre in Washington, D.C., promises Clinton plans to ‘let loose’ and tell her audience a ‘personal, raw, detailed and surprisingly funny story’ of her election loss and recovery.

“Clinton is hitting up a trio of Canadian cities too, making appearances in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

“Top-tier ticket packages in those cities cost $3,000 Canadian dollars for two seats, or, in American dollars, about $1,200 a pop.

“There are cheaper seats in the states with tickets costing between $50 and $350 to see Clinton in Broward, Florida – another state that she lost to now-President Trump.”

The $1,200 price tag is an incredibly tone deaf example of why Hillary Clinton was forced to cheat to beat primary challenger Bernie Sanders, an avowed democratic socialist who had captured an enormous piece of the liberal voter base leading up to the election.



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