Elitist CNN Pundit Blames the Little People for Electing Donald Trump

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria could not be more out of touch if he deliberately tried to be.

Listen as the CNN talking head explains why we little people did what we did when we chose to elect Donald Trump as our President.

ZAKARIA: Well, what we really tried to ask, Wolf, was not even why he won but why he even came close, because everybody has their own pet theories, whether it was Hillary was a weak candidate, the Comey letter, or Russia. But really the bigger question is, this is the most unorthodox presidential candidate, really. Why did he even win the nomination against 16 very talented politicians? Why did he come close when he made so many statements, gaffes, mistakes that would have blown up the candidacy of anybody? There must have been something there that was deeper. 

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And we tried to get at that deeper issue, which is really a portrait of America. A kind of cultural and class portrait of an America that feels deeply resentful about the direction the country is going in and the people who run the country. People, you know, who are professionals, urban, educated. This is, in a sense, an act of class rebellion. It is an act of cultural rebellion. And Donald Trump is their guy. 

You can — you can ask — we tried to explain why he became their guy, but he is their guy and, you know, my sense has always been, they have latched on to him the way you latch on to a sports team. The fact that the sports team is not doing well does not mean you will give up support. So when people keep watching and saying, well, but Trump is not really a conservative. Ideology doesn’t matter. They say, well, he’s not accomplishing much. Competence doesn’t matter. This is some kind of tribal identity and they’re sticking with him.

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Don’t you just love it when a person who has no idea what you’re thinking, what you’re feeling, what you believe… turns around and tells you why you do what you do?

Zakaria has never spent any time getting to know those of us in “flyover country.” His decision to speak for us and for “why” we do what we do is insulting, and he’s just plain wrong.

Electing Trump wasn’t an attempt to thumb our noses at the establishment or the elites, their upset was just a happy by-product. No, electing Trump was about saving America from the precipitous descent that we found ourselves in.

The vote for Trump was a last-ditch effort to save the Western world from destruction.


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