Election Shock: Trump Victorious!



At 2:41 AM – Fox News finally calls the race…


In perhaps what was the most exciting and tumultuous election night in the history of American politics (only 2000 and 1948 compare), Election Night 2016 was a roller coaster of a ride for everyone observing.

The entire night felt surreal.

The first note of relief came before any major states were actually called for him, as the data began streaming in and everyone realized that Mr. Trump was doing far better than any of the polls had predicted he’d do. Democrats could be seen getting nervous as Virginia was too close to call, New Hampshire was too close to call, Pennsylvania was too close to call, and the other Midwestern rust belt states also appeared to be far closer than anyone expected.

Then, with a sudden rush, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina came off the board for Donald Trump. He had held the states he NEEDED, now he needed to pierce the “Blue Wall” — and he soon did. Wisconsin was the first state in the Blue Wall to fall, going to a Republican for the first time since they voted for Ronald Reagan in 1984.

As the night dragged on, the Rust Belt continued to prove itself firmly in the Donald Trump corner. Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota bedeviled Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party and the middle class white voters (who usually vote Democrat) decided to cast their ballots for Donald Trump…

At 1:36 AM EST the Associated Press called Pennsylvania for Donald Trump… making the GOP candidate the President-elect.

What might be even more momentous (which seems impossible) is the fact that the GOP was also able to hold on to both Houses of Congress! They were able to hold a strong majority in the House and a slim (but very important) majority in the Senate. This means that for at least the first two years of his Presidency, Donald Trump will have a friendly GOP legislature to work with his administration. This will be massively important as they try to repeal and replace Obamacare, rein in illegal immigration, and rebuild our military.

There are a few outstanding Senate races that we’re still waiting to hear the final word on, but we’ll keep you updated as those races cross the finish line.

Click here to see the live results of each and every race from President, to the Senate, to the House.


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