Election Shaping Up to be Best of Worst, Again

One of the top items on my bucket list: I would like, just once before I die, to experience a presidential election in which I get to choose between two good candidates.

Maybe it’s just a pointless fantasy. Perhaps the cynics are correct and there have never been any qualified presidential candidates, just members of the establishment who have waited in line long enough.

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I wish I could have voted for Reagan, but he was before my voting time.

Instead, I’ve been faced with two Bushes, a Clinton and an Obama. Not a stellar lot.

I’m relatively certain that Hillary Clinton won’t make it to election day without being clapped in irons or at least having to post bail, so I’m feeling at peace on that count.

But right now, the race is shaping up to be Trump and Sanders … and Sanders is slightly ahead in the latest poll.

When Americans voted Obama — twice — I took it as proof positive that the Left was insane and liberalism was a mental illness.

I’ve seen nothing that would incline me to change that opinion, as the same bunch of morons are gravitating to avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, if they haven’t already donated a kidney to the Spider Woman.

But now all of a sudden, people on the Right are falling for Trump’s born-again conservative act, which I find just as transparent as any of Obama’s campaigns.

Is it just desperation? Is the Right so anxious to get somebody — anybody — into the Oval Office that they’ll overlook Trump’s truckload of character faults?

Meanwhile [score]Ted Cruz[/score], the guy who should be the nominee, is running a distant second.

Trump is such a showboat that the conspiracy talk about him being a false flag candidate designed to get Hillary (or Bernie) elected doesn’t sound so far fetched.

Trump’s narcissism certainly seems to be just as raging as King Obama’s. I can definitely see him continuing the rule by executive order and other mischief.

The only reason I’m not suicidal this time around is that I do believe Trump when he says he loves America, something I can’t say about Obama. He’s also a devoted capitalist, which is a major plus after eight years of barely concealed socialist agendas.

Willie Robertson came out this week and endorsed Trump for president. I like the “Duck Dynasty” boys, but it’s Willie.

The Duck Commander Phil Robertson, on the other hand, is a Cruz man, so I’ve got to go with the Cruz missile.

I just hope Uncle Si doesn’t endorse Bernie Sanders.

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