Election Recount: What Is the Clinton Campaign Hoping For?

By trying to get an election recount, Clinton may be hoping to delegitimize the Trump Presidency.

As Jeff Dunetz and Phil Hodges have pointed out at The Lid, the election recount being demanded in Michigan makes no sense. Reportedly, recounts are going to be demanded in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania too. Hillary won New Hampshire by a much smaller margin than Donald Trump won Pennsylvania. The same is true of her wins in Minnesota and Nevada. Obviously, it is a purely partisan move.

According to the Associated Press,

There’s no evidence voter results were hacked or electronic voting machines were compromised.

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While Hillary Clinton’s campaign formally joined Stein’s Wisconsin recount effort, a lawyer for the Democratic campaign has said there is “no actionable evidence” of an altered outcome.

Wisconsin officials say it will be tough to finish the recount by the federally required deadline of Dec. 13.

That last sentence may hold the key. Over at American Thinker, Richard Baehr suggests what the rationale is:

The recounts, if done by hand, which can be demanded, may take longer than the last day for completing the official counts in a state and directing Electoral College voters.  If all 3 states miss the deadline, Trump is at 260, Hillary at 232.  No one hits 270.  

Then this goes to Congress, where the House voting 1 vote per state elects Trump, and Senate selects Pence. This would be first time this happened since 1824, but in that case, John Quincy Adams won in the House, though he had fewer electoral college votes than Andrew Jackson.  

Baehr believes the purpose for trying to make Donald Trump get voted into office this way is to make him appear illegitimate.

This theory is probably right, if we assume the Democrats don’t have the ability to corrupt the recount process to change the outcome. Despite no evidence that a recount would change the outcome, the Clinton campaign is claiming to want confirmation that there was no “outside interference” in the voting, per The Washington Post. The Post has done all it can to publish fake news about foreign influence on the election. Mainstream news propaganda has tried to provide credibility to this baseless election challenge.

It simply isn’t going to work.

The media was not convincing in their lies before the election and they have not regained their credibility since election night. The only people who believe the media enough to trust their anonymous accusations about a Russian conspiracy that got Donald Trump elected President are committed Hillary supporters. For everyone else, the media’s manufactured news is obviously phony. The Washington Post is only embarrassing itself. They are going to convince more NeverTrump Republicans and independents that they should vote for Trump in 2020.

Likewise, if Congress has to vote Trump into office because Clinton removed electors because the states couldn’t recount votes fast enough, a majority of Americans will realize that it is because Jill Stein and Hillary rigged the system. It will only “delegitimize” the Trump Presidency in the eyes of those who will never recognize him as legitimate.


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