Hillary Clinton tax returns conservatives discouraged

Election Polls Designed to Stop Conservatives Voting

This is the part of the presidential race — after the conventions, 11 weeks out from the election, before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton debate — where Democrats will work their damnedest to persuade conservatives that it’s all over.

After all, you will hear, Clinton leads Trump by 8 to 12 (or more in some particularly enthusiastic polls) percentage points.

There’s no way Trump can make up the gap.

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Historically, no candidate with ratings as low as Trump’s has ever gone on to win.

Blah, blah, blah.

Don’t believe any of it.

Combined with the usual blinders that prevent the media from seeing (or asking questions about) any of Clinton’s numerous scandals — including that her loosey-goosey, monkey business approach to national security seems to have led to the death of an Iranian defector and, it is claimed in a recently filed lawsuit, possibly the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi — and the mountainizing of any molehill found in the Trump campaign, stories about the latest polls are almost all just partisan attempts to stop conservatives from going to the polls.

That effort to suppress the conservative vote is not just out of Clinton’s and Democrats’ generic impulse to win. It’s because they’re scared.

Even as dense a pack of liars as Clinton and her crowd know that after eight years of incompetent, corrupt Democratic rule, the possibility of handing the United States presidency over to the reincarnation of Al Capone in a pantsuit provides powerful motivation for conservatives to turn out in droves. At the same time, disenchantment among young former Bernie Sanders supporters — both with Sanders and with Clinton and the Democrats in general — threatens to undercut turnout among some of Democrats’ most persistent supporters, the young and clueless who think socialism means free stuff.

So Democrats continue trying to hide their usual games and tricks, like rushing to give new immigrants citizenship and register them as Democrats just in time to vote. Meanwhile, they condemn Trump for wanting to vet immigrants and make sure they aren’t terrorists and share American values, including several that are supposedly among liberals’ concerns, like gay rights.

Hillary, in between stumbles and head rolls, denies she has health problems, a serious question that mainstream media may have mentioned in passing but are hardly taking seriously.

Even the most absurd of statements from Clinton get a pass, like when she calls on the wealthy to “pay your fair share in taxes,” but her own taxes released just days before show that she paid herself, through her family’s foundation, $1 million and took a tax deduction for “donating” to a “charity” (herself). It may not technically be money laundering (probably depends what the definition of “is” is), but it sure as hell isn’t paying your fair share.

Her campaign events continue to be sparsely populated at best, her policies questionably legal and most likely ineffectual.

But we’re told Trump is losing.

And the media will work hard to make darn sure you believe it.

More reasonable national polls, like Zogby and the L.A. Times, show the race being much closer, with a gap as small as 0.6 percent in recent days. With even small margins of sampling error, Trump could actually be slightly ahead.

Honestly, polls are at best tricky things, more art than science. While professional pollsters would like you to believe their polls are mathematically solid, they’re not. Even the best poll is just an estimate, and the worst polls use tricks and “methods” to get the results their sponsors want, such as oversampling or trick wording. (For example, asking about a candidate’s “favorability” is not the same as “will you vote for X, Y or Z?”)

The Democrats rigged their own primary elections to ensure a Clinton victory, as was found by a Stanford study, so anybody with two brain cells rubbing against each other can see the fraud in the general election coming a mile away.

Perhaps the biggest fraud being perpetrated by the media, though, is that no poll, with more than 11 weeks to go till the election, can be deemed mathematically reliable. The margins for error (in addition to sampling errors, there are a whole host of other real-life errors than can screw up poll numbers) are simply too big, and there are too many things that can happen between now and then. It’s not called October Surprise for nothing.

In the end, the only poll that matters is the results on Election Day, so ignore what the media are telling you. Get out there and vote. And don’t forget to bring along your family and friends.

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