This Election is NOT about Ovaries [VIDEO]

In my recent Fox & Friends interview, the statement was made that it’s not a bad thing to vote based on gender.  Hit the pause button for a moment.  How ridiculous is that assertion?  Yet, I’ve personally heard a number of people utter such nonsense…such debased thinking.

Let me go on record as saying, this election is NOT about ovaries!  Between these two candidates there has never been a clearer divide about what kind of America we are going to wake up to.  This understanding trumps color, it trumps gender, and it trumps lifestyle.  This election is a “do or die” moment for our country.  We have had over 30 years of experience with Hillary Clinton.  Her history tells us that she will sell us off to the highest bidder.  This is something America cannot afford.

In less than 24 hours we will either inherit a reprieve from God or we will inherit a whirlwind of accelerated corruption, collusion, chaos, and confusion in Hillary Clinton. 

Authentic and wise Christians will vote.  Patriots will vote.  All others will sit on the sidelines either kicking rocks and/or clutching their pearls.  But, those who understand the times we are living in will need no convincing to get out and vote.  God Bless America and, by extension, the world. Amen.

Kathy Barnette

Kathy Barnette is a former adjunct Professor, a conference speaker, and radio host. Kathy has also appeared several times as a Political Commentator on Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends based in New York. She has been invited back on numerous occasions to speak on topics related to Security Moms, Islam, terrorism, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Kathy is the Founder of

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