This Election isn’t about Politics – it’s about Saving America!

In the Early Parts of the morning of October 26th, a man took a sledgehammer and pick ax and demolished Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star. As people walked the vandal by there was no contest, but rather someone thought to hit the record button on their phone.

This act of vandalism is merely a part of the corrupt Clinton culture that has emerged within our society.

This corrupt Clinton culture is not a mere phenomenon but rather it is evident in the Podesta emails, promoted by the Clinton campaign and demonstrated by the actions of our fellow citizens. The corrupt Clinton culture has in fact penetrated our society and it has taken all of our civility with it. This civility has disappeared in both our political and overall societal factions.

Recently Dr. Kelli Ward received a hand-written note from Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, with warm words on the nature of Kelli’s hard fought primary campaign against Senator John McCain in Arizona. Among the words that Kirkpatrick penned were of the disgust of the things that were said about Kelli, her record and her character by John McCain. None of these attacks we initiated by Congresswoman Kirkpatrick, but she was still able to recognize the lack of civility demonstrated by Senator McCain during the primary campaign season. McCain’s lack of civility continues as he heads into the general election in two weeks. Senator McCain has not reached out to Dr. Ward nor has he attempted to retract any of the wrongs that were said. Senator McCain’s uncivil behavior is not unique nor is it a surprising function of the corrupt Clinton culture, a culture Senator McCain has fallen into. The likelihood of this political story being a standalone example is low, and so are the actions of the majority of our elected officials.

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However, the incivility of the corrupt Clinton culture is not unique to our society’s political faction. This election cycle has highlighted some of the most uncivil actions perpetrated in the name of following with the corrupt Clinton culture that has been allowed to be executed in our society. If you take a look on twitter you can find hundreds of confessions of theft as members of the left proudly boast that they have stolen yet another Trump yard sign. When did it become ok to burglarize people because you don’t agree with them politically? When did we start applauding crime because the crime happens to people we don’t agree with in the name of promoting those we do?

This truly deplorable shift in our societal civility is the result of people being too heavily vested in the letter next to the candidate’s name and not enough investment in the philosophical nature of our party’s candidates. This election cycle has pitted citizen’s philosophical perspective against one another. If you choose the candidate on the left you are accepting and promoting an echo chamber society built on corruption, assert Brenden Dilly, author and non-politico. While Dilly was hesitant to support and endorse Trump he ultimately did so because of the acknowledgement that Trump lives an authentic, purpose-driven life based on authentic connections with other human beings, a stark philosophical contrast to Clinton. Trump has been contrite about his mistakes and demonstrates an interest in reviving our country, yet another stark philosophical contract to Clinton. Additionally Trumps campaign has been based off of the principles of honesty, authenticity, and actual accomplishments.

This election is much more than picking a candidate who clings to the elephant or donkey. It’s much larger than red or blue or R vs. D. This election is an attempt by average citizens to break through the corrupt Clinton culture and reestablish our societal civility. On November 8th the citizens of the greatest nation of earth will attempt to draw a line in the sand. Those voting for Hillary will attempt to progress the line to a place where civil discourse is naturalized and viewed as acceptable while those who check the box for Trump will attempt to reestablish the civility of country has thrived on for the last 238 years. So on November 8th, vote; our nation’s civility depends on it.

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