The Election Game 2016

This is a text simulation of the 2016 Presidential election.  This script is an outline for a computer game or scrambled book.

Late August 2016

Donald Trump is recovering from mindless gaffs and fumbles.  His “apology speech” of the 18th was a turning point which threw the angry left-wing, liberal-biased press for a few days, but they were soon back at the keyboards twisting anything said by or about Mr. Trump.  They hammer him on the tax returns he promised to release when the IRS audit is complete, under advice of counsel.  Should Mr. Trump release his tax returns?  (A) Yes, he should, (B) No, he does not.

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(A) Trump releases tax returns; the media go nuts.  Analysts, accountants, psychologists, psychiatrists, economists and astrologers render negative judgments, questions, conclusions, and craft sinister implications in the returns.


Should Mr. Trump answer all questions completely? (Yes) or (No).

(If Yes) The press bombards Mr. Trump with increasingly complicated questions about the voluminous returns and his campaign bogs down. Hillary rises in the polls.

(If No)  Trump says to all media, “You idiots don’t know poop from peanut butter and hassle me while Hillary commits 30,000 felonies?”   And, Mr. Trump refers gnarly questions to his accountants, who appear on TV and put audiences to sleep with convoluted, complicated answers per the IRS regs.  Trump rises in the polls.

(If B)  Trump does not release returns.  Hillary says he is hiding Russian and Chinese relationships.  Media flogs Trump and his polling numbers slip.


On the 19th Mr. Trump appeared in Louisiana with a huge truck of much needed-supplies, talked to people, demonstrating he is one of them and is worthy of his “Blue Collar Billionaire” title.  As a boy and young man the crews working for his father were his heroes.  He spent as much time with them as he could, learning the building and development businesses from the basement up!  Louisiana was the perfect place for him to demonstrate his roots, knowledge and real empathy.

In the last week of August Mr. Trump produces a TV spot from his Louisiana trip appealing to African American that he cares and includes photos of him working with “black” crews on his father’s projects while a teenager.  He is proudly, “…one of the men!”  Hillary responds with a spot saying “…Trump is not qualified!”  Choose:

(A) Trump’s poll numbers rise.  (B) Hillary’s poll numbers rise.



September 1 –  400 Ivy League college scholars in white coats left over from the doctors pictured endorsing the Affordable Health Care Act announce a study proving, “Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world!”

(A) Hillary’s poll numbers rise.   (B) Hillary’s poll numbers fall.


Labor Day, September 5, 2016 –  A Muslim terrorist attacks a picnic crowd in a Detroit City Park “Gun Free Zone,” kills 50 people yelling “Allahu Akbar!” and is brought down by a “black,” armed citizen who is arrested for a “Gun Free Zone” violation and is to be tried with a 30 year prison sentence possible.   President Obama is said to be “furious” and on the Oval Office rug kicking and screaming.

Mr. Trump speaks defensively about George W. Bush lax immigration screening while major media spin the story to make Hillary the hero of the day as she is opposed to all guns, fail to report the shooter’s first name is Muhommad and that he yelled “Allahu Akbar” plus make no mention of his suicide belt, but speculate he was a Fox News viewer, NRA member and Rush Limbaugh fan.

(A) Trump’s poll numbers rise, or (B)  Hillary’s numbers rise.


September 26, 2016 – The Fox News debate has the largest world audience in history.  Mr. Trump appears with a tablet computer.  Hillary objects, Trump insists Presidents work with existing technology.  Hillary leaves the stage, with the assistance of two Secret Service men, who appear to be carrying her, ending the debate

(A) Trump stays, makes a speech, which is well received, but only seen on Fox as the other networks block it with their panels slathering blame on Mr. Trump.  Major media ignore the speech and report Trump “bullied Hillary off the stage and they are “Outraged!  Outraged!”

(A) Trump’s numbers jump five points!  Or, (B) Hillary’s number rise five points!


The next day Drudge breaks the story that Hillary paid $1 million for the debate questions and is trying to get her money back.  A few days later a Fox employee is found dead with four 22 caliber bullets in the back of his head and NYC Mayor de Blasio declares it a suicide.  The “22” is favorite pro-hit gun as pressing it to hair or flesh silences the weapon.

On the 15th Mr. Trump makes a speech saying he will end all international war on Earth by announcing the United State will thermonuclear carpet bomb any nation that invades another and asks the nuclear powers to take part in the war ban in order that we all may live in peace, “Finally!”  Hillary answers the speech with one saying “He is crazy and has no business being near the nuclear codes!”  The media second Hillary and point out that she is officially, “The smartest woman in the world!”

(A) Trump’s numbers jump five points!  Or, (B) Hillary’s number rise five points!


In the third week of September Mr. Trump announces he will cancel all “Man in space,” and Mars programs as they are a huge waste of money and people noting, “60 men and women have died in these programs for nothing! Literally to be in a vacuum!”  He points out that where every oil field was an ancient sea bed there is reason to believe every sea bed is an oil field.  We are going to test that idea!  Hillary answers the speech with one saying “He is crazy and has no business being near the nuclear codes!”  The media second Hillary claiming she is, “The smartest woman in the world!”

(A) Trump’s numbers jump!  Or, (B) Hillary’s number rise!


If Hillary is ahead the stock market takes a dive just as it did when it was clear Mr. Obama was going to be President.  The decline begins on the first Tuesday in October.  If Trump is ahead the stock market will stay in place or move up slightly.  Where every major change in direction the stock markets have happened in October should Mr. Trump try to teach the public this fact of the market history?

(Yes) He should prepare a “market primer” either way.  (No) The American people do not care about Wall Street unless the Kardashians are there.

(A) Trump’s polling numbers rise, or (B) Hillary’s polling numbers rise.


Mr. Trump produces a TV spot on Hillary’s health with statements by doctors in white coats wearing stethoscopes around their necks.

(A) Trump’s polling numbers rise, or (B)  Hillary’s polling numbers rise.


The second debate is Sunday 10/09/16.  Mr. Trump is quiet and reserved while Hillary is shrill.  The audience is small and the debate is referred to in the media as “…a yawner.”

(A.) Trump’s numbers rise, or (B) Hillary’s numbers rise.  (C) No change.


The third, and last, debate is 10/19/16.  The TV audience is large.  Hillary has gotten the questions, but several things could happen:

(1.) Trump is now a disciplined performer with clear, well-expressed ideas and quick quips for dealing with snarky, “Who is the Premier of Bucketstan?”  Coming back with such as “Good Lord!  Who knows.  I am sure I would be told it is of no consequence.  If it is, my team will deal with it.  I will have real pros working for me, not a bunch of Ivy League panzies.”

(2.) Hillary claims to know the Premier of Bucketstan, “He is a very charming fellow…” and she stiffly ignores Trump’s “How much did he contribute to the Clinton Crime Foundation?” (80% probability)

(3.) Hillary leaves the podium, helped by two Secret Service agents, and is heard raving wildly off stage about her Teddy bear.  (40% probability)

(A) Trump’s polling numbers rise or (B) Hillary’s polling numbers rise.


The first game of the 2016 World Series is on the 25th of October.  A Muslim madman in a small private plane crashes the stadium setting off several five gallon cans of Astrolite and kills 10,000 people.  The nation is more than stunned.  Black communities burn down shopping centers and police cars, malls are darkened and millions are in mourning.  Major media go into “pretzel bending” exercises to try to lay on Trump.

President Obama makes an address to the nation announcing that he is declaring martial law and calling out the National Guard.  The Attorney General announces a secret Grand Jury has indicted Hillary Clinton and she withdraws from the campaign.  Debby Wasserman Schultz offers to replace Hillary and is immediately institutionalized for electroshock therapy.  She comes out reciting nursery rhymes, drooling she speaks.

President Obama makes an address to the nation announcing that he is appointing himself  “President for the duration” given the dire state of affairs.  Senator McConnell and Rep. Paul Ryan say they will support him. The major media are delirious until Mr. Obama appoints Official Overseers for every daily newspaper and broadcaster, whom they must pay.  All are neurotic Muslims with iron fists.  Dissenting posts vanish on the Internet. Radio TV broadcasters are limited to eight hours of broadcasting per day with the content rigorously controlled by Official Observers when they are not praying to Allah.

What happens now?  You write the ending, or did we already?


Adrian Vance

Adrian Vance is a writer and producer of educational films, filmstrips and audio programs with over 325 productions from script to screen. See a partial list of my credits at . And, have written for ten national magazines, been on the masthead of two as an Editor, done a dozen books and am an FCC licensed broadcaster with ten years of on-air experience in radio and television. See my blog, "The Two Minute Conservative" at where you will find over 3200 daily pieces, enough material to produce 25 novel length books.

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