Election Debate: Trump Loses Debate but Defeats Hillary

Many political analysts have had this wrong with the Trump-Clinton election debate.

Look don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of places where Trump could  of improved in the last election debate. I don’t want to make it sound like Trump dominated the debate from beginning to end because he didn’t.  When you got to the debate where Hillary was jabbing him about his taxes it was challenging for Trump. Because of the way the debate forum was shaped, Trump didn’t land any punches on Benghazi. With that said, the things he did right may just Trump all the missteps in the debate.

Politicos who thought Trump Bullying Hillary hurt him are off base.

If this was any other election year, those politicos may be correct. Hillary is a known quantity, folks.  She’s not Barack Obama. Hillary doesn’t have that loyal love that Obama has. Obama supporters will defend him to their graves. He can’t do no wrong. Democrats can’t find a corrupt bone in Obama’s body. They truly worship the ground he walks on. The same democrat voters know Hillary is corrupt!  Democrats are holding their nose for Hillary. The bully card is not working against Trump. If the love was strong with Hillary, Bernie would of been a non starter.  Democrats know Hillary is a blatant liar. She’s not honest. Crooked Hillary is not a put down, but an apt description. There’s no sympathy for Hillary Clinton, especially from her own supporters.

Trump saved his fire power for the first part of the debate.

Trump had some serious fire power in the first 30-40 minutes of the debate. He hit Hillary on taxes. Trump destroyed her on the need for law and order. Donald Trump knew how television works. He knew the expectations game and played it well. Trump knew that this huge expected audience would eventually leave. Only politicians think people watch every second of a presidential debate. If Trump kicked Hillary’s butt in the second half of the election debate, voters wouldn’t have seen it. Politicos are not reading the mood of the country and the electorate. Hillary stinks of corruption, cronyism and career politics. If she scored more political points then Trump at the election debate, it won’t matter. The question is, does it translate into votes.

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