Is the Election about Clinton vs. Trump? NO! It’s WikiLeaks vs. the Mainstream Media!

This election – it’s about who’s going to control the media after the election. For the longest time I thought that the mainstream media was biased against Mr. Trump and in the pocket of the Clinton campaign. I’m about to assert that I made the wrong assumption. In the last six weeks of this presidential campaign, WikiLeaks has been releasing thousands of emails from Hillary’s campaign and more specifically from her campaign manager John Podesta’s e-mail account.

There is a serious battle going on as to who is going to control the dissemination of news and in turn who will be the most significant influence to the American people. With about three weeks to go before the election, I would say that the mainstream media is winning, but even with so little time left, WikiLeaks possibly could still win this war.

Throughout the campaign Hillary Clinton has positioned her campaign to talk against Donald Trump, calling him unfit to serve as President of United States. The amount of time and financial resources spent in attacking Trump has been enormous. In looking at the data, it appears to me that a clear pattern over the last several weeks has developed between WikiLeaks releases and the mainstream media. It appears that every time WikiLeaks releases a series of emails that reflect poorly on Mrs. Clinton, the mainstream media brings out another woman or two to attack Trump, based on his purported activities from more than a decade ago. With a new WikiLeaks release of emails, a new victim of Trump suddenly appears. The media strategy is to bring out someone accusing Trump, while distracting the American people from the WikiLeaks story. For instance, the American people didn’t hear about Hillary’s hemisphere open borders because the mainstream media used the Trump accusers to cover up her open border plans.

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These accusers I believe are specifically being used to distract the American people from the content of the WikiLeaks emails that have been released. I find it interesting that John Podesta, when queried about the content, raised the question that they may have been edited. He doesn’t comment on the content, he just questions whether it’s been manipulated. I’m reminded of the former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when Mitt Romney was running for President. Senator Reid suggested that Mr. Romney had never paid any taxes, and when he was asked if it was true, his response was “Well, go talk to Mitt Romney.”

Mrs. Clinton’s relationship with the mainstream media is truly incestuous. We know that John Harwood, who was one of the debate moderators, was actually advising the Clinton campaign as to who should interview her. We also know that Donna Brazile, the temporary chairman of the Democratic National Party, was feeding the Clinton campaign questions that were going to be asked of her by CNN moderators.

What has changed in the past six weeks is the severity of the WikiLeaks accusations and the content they released. The mainstream media, in order to defend Mrs. Clinton from the WikiLeaks attacks, turned their attention to increasing the heat on Mr. Trump. The attacks are not about his policies and what he believes is right for America, but the suitability of Mr. Trump to hold the highest office in the land.

So it is not a coincidence that the mainstream media used personal attacks on Mr. Trump’s character as a way to deflect attention away from both Mrs. Clinton and the WikiLeaks releases. The issues now are whether there are enough bodies that the mainstream media can splutter out, trying to combat further revelations from WikiLeaks. I don’t know what WikiLeaks has yet to publish, but my guess is they are not going out with a whimper. It can be expected that further revelations by them in the remaining weeks of the campaign may be the most damaging to Mrs. Clinton.

I have asked myself this question several times over the last few weeks. Is there anything that can be revealed about Mrs. Clinton that would turn the mainstream media against her? I’ve come up with a few problems for her. In formulating these, I have tried to think how the mainstream media would fight them. The first and most obvious is that there’s something seriously wrong with her health. A medical records release that shows she might have a debilitating disease like Alzheimer’s would be devastating to her campaign. The American people, while having sympathy for her disease, are probably not going to elect her president.

A friend of mine suggested that the mainstream media might suggest that we elect her anyway so she could be the first woman president elected and then she would resign. The outcome would be, should this happen, that the vice president would take over as head of the country.

Another possibility is that some foreign official, who was a contributor to the Clinton Foundation, would say that Mrs. Clinton received money directly from him while she was Secretary of State and wired the money to an offshore account. This last scenario is more devastating because it is truly graft and corruption. As much as the mainstream media might try to spin it, don’t be surprised if the New York Times has a headline, “She betrayed Us All.”

The Times would use this headline trying to compete with WikiLeaks. If the role of the press is to gather facts and present them to its readers, letting the readers decide as to right or wrong, or who is at fault, the readers are in for a surprise. The mainstream media no longer does that and has not done so for many years. If one looks at the way WikiLeaks presents its material, he will see it as just presented. Any decisions about the merits are left to the reader. WikiLeaks is now a major threat to the monopoly of the mainstream media and the media’s viability is at stake.

As we approach the last three weeks of this presidential campaign, if we see another story about Trump’s suitability, look and see if there’s a series of WikiLeaks releases on the behavior of Mrs. Clinton and her campaign. If I’m right, there is an October surprise coming, but it’s coming from WikiLeaks, not the Clinton campaign. It could be a very interesting last three weeks.

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