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Elaine Chao Chews Off Progressive Protestor’s Posterior in Viral Clip

In this horrifying new world of American incivility, gaslighted by the angry and vitriolic radical left, administration officials are being targeted for harassment, and worse, in public, on Capitol Hill, and even at home.

Of course, we as Constitutional conservatives do love ourselves a lively protest.  Everyone’s First Amendment rights are important, and, on a far more basic level, the variation of thought is what makes America such a beautiful concept in the first place.  What isn’t okay, however, are protests that endanger the lives of those with whom we disagree politically, or actions that escalate the already violent tendencies of the liberal left.

Sadly, that is precisely what we have received over the course of the last few days, as Sarah Sanders and Kristjen Nielsen, two extremely prominent members of the Trump administration, have been publicly harassed and refused service after liberals such as Peter Fonda and Maxine Waters began invoking a lynch mob mentality in the mainstream media.  Now, even the White House Press Secretary is set to receive Secret Service protection…an embarrassing reality for a supposedly peaceful nation.

House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was slated to be the latest victim of this bullying trend, but his wife Elaine Chao had other ideas.

And, from a better angle:

This pushback is a dangerous one for Chao, who is staring fully into the belly of the beast.  Not only is she confronting a small group of presumably radical leftists, but, given the dulcet tone with which they are inquiring toward McConnell, one would be inclined to believe that these young people are simply here for the “likes” on social media.

Hell, for proof of their trepidation, just take a look at their body language:  Arms in at the side, low volume speaking, and an emphasis on “getting the shot” all point to a pedantic publicity stunt and a load of virtue-signaling as opposed to genuine concern.

Remember folks; feigned outrage is the mating dance of the American millennial.

Obviously, Elaine Chao has seen through their schtick.  Sensing that weakness, she pounces, demanding answers from these young men as to why they won’t leave them alone?  The answer, she knows, is because these boys want viral fame, and has nothing to do with right or wrong.

Remind us of someone else that we see a whole lot of on Twitter and the news…doesn’t it?


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