North Korea

Eerie Radio Broadcasts by North Korea Resume, South Fears Spy Signals

In a nation as bizarre as North Korea is, it comes as no surprise that their broadcasting of secret spy codes over the airwaves would be equally as bizarre.

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have exploded over the course of recent months, as the wicked witch of the North, Kim Jong Un, has consistently pushed his luck with weapons testing and international provocation.  Between threatening to annihilate the United States with a nuclear weapon and conducting two failed missile launches in as many weeks, the diminutive dictator has landed squarely on the world’s radar.

Now, as South Korea has completed their presidential election cycle, at appears that the North is ready to send a message to their southernly neighbors.  That message, for now at least, is just a broadcast of mumbo-jumbo meant to possibly instruct North Korean spies hiding in plain sight.

“Kim Jong-un’s hermit state resumed broadcasting the eerie numbers via its radio station in Pyongyang last June, using them to direct their spies across the border in the South.

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“But the ghostly broadcasts – which are usually broadcast at midnight – was aired last night for the first time since Moon Jae-in was sworn in as South Korea’s new president.

“The new coded message was read out on Radio Pyongyang at 1.15am local time by a female announcer.

“She said she is instructing ‘number 27 expedition agents’ to ‘review’ their ‘foreign language lessons’, according to the Seoul’s Yonhap news agency.

“The woman then called out a series of numbers, such as: ‘Number 18 on Page 451.’”

While no official explanation for North Korea’s coded broadcasts has been solidified, many believe that the seemingly random numbers and phrases are codes understood by North Korean spies living under the radar in South Korea.  Given the proximity of these eerie coded broadcasts to the election of Moon Jae-in, the possibility for further provocation from the diminutive dictator seems almost certain.

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