Economist Writes Hilarious Letter to Angela Merkel on Behalf of Britain

The response to Angela Merkel is a reply to her “demand” for “Brexit clarity”

Mike (“Mish”) Shedlock’s letter to Angela Merkel is not only funny, but shows how the German ruler is acting like an international dictator. He writes in response to this story: “German leaders demand Brexit clarity from new British PM.”

German leaders stepped up the pressure on Britain’s incoming prime minister Theresa May on Tuesday by demanding she swiftly spell out when she will launch divorce proceedings with the European Union.

“The task of the new prime minister … will be to get clarity on the question of what kind of relationship Britain wants to build with the European Union,” Chancellor Angela Merkel told a news conference.

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Her finance minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said clarity was needed quickly to limit uncertainty after Britain’s shock choice for ‘Brexit’, which has rocked the 28-nation bloc and thrown decades of European integration into reverse.

May, 59, will on Wednesday replace David Cameron, who is resigning after Britons rejected his advice and voted on June 23 to quit the EU. On arriving and departing from Cameron’s last cabinet meeting, she waved a little awkwardly from the doorstep of 10 Downing Street, shortly to become her home.

She will face the enormous task of disentangling Britain from a forest of EU laws, accumulated over more than four decades, and negotiating new trade terms while limiting potential damage to the economy.

May was not even Prime Minister yet but, on Merkel’s orders, she’s supposed to quickly exit forty years of foreign laws?

Why? It would be a rush job and she would be blamed for everything that went wrong.

The Brexit vote was made by the people. It is now the government’s job to apply the voting results. By what right does Germany demand that the British government follow their will?

This shows us again that Brexit was a good idea.

A political ally of May pointed out that they had a lot of work to do and that they would formally exit the E.U. when they were ready to do so.

Mish thought the language was rather polite in the news story, so he helpfully provided his own letter on behalf of Britain to Angela Merkel:

Dear highness:

The UK has more important things to do at the moment than kiss your […]. After all, you are the single biggest reason we voted to do the right thing.

For that we will be eternally grateful, but there is work to be done such as negotiating real trade agreements with others, unencumbered by EU silliness.

This is a Stellar Opportunity for the UK to Set an Example for the World and we intend to take advantage of it.

As a token of goodwill, we do offer this Word of Thanks to the Person Most Responsible for Brexit: You.

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