Former GOP Senator On His Deathbed Apologizes For Donald Trump [VIDEO]

Proving he remained an establishment Republican to the end, this former Senator apologized for something Trump never did.

The story of how the former Senator apologized is being used to spread more anti-Trump propaganda.

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“Are there any Muslims in the hospital?” former GOP senator Bob Bennett asked as he lay dying in Washington in April, reports the Daily Beast. He wasn’t delusional. In fact, he was “sharp as a tack,” his son tells NBC News. “I’d love to go up to every single one of them to thank them for being in this country, and apologize to them on behalf of the Republican Party for Donald Trump,” Bennett added, according to his family. Though he didn’t actually ask around George Washington University Hospital, the three-term Utah senator actually did so in better days.

In December, he’d spoken to people wearing hijabs at an airport, telling them “he was glad they were in America,” wife Joyce Bennett recalls. “He wanted to apologize on behalf of the Republican Party.”

This is so delusional on so many levels!

In the first place, Trump called for a pause on Muslim immigration because he wants to improve the background checks so that we can admit Muslims who want to live in America and keep out those who want to commit terrorist acts that threaten all Americans, including Muslims. Labeling this as “xenophobia” is simple slander, and using one’s own death as a way to spread falsehood about another man reveals a deep level of hate.

Second, if these Muslims moved here in the last decade, then there is a good chance they came here to escape the death and destruction we wreaked on their homes. In the case of the Syrian refugees that Obama wants to import, we are the main cause of the war in their home country. So thanking these people for being in this country is rather macabre. Why apologize for Trump but not for what we did to Libya?

Bennett may have been “sharp as a tack,” but he was clearly still delusional, as many Trump-haters are.

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