Dutch Ship Expelled By Guatemalan Army To Save Thousands of Babies

It is nice when you see a government function in the manner it was designed to function.

Most governments in the world do everything but what God had instituted them to accomplish. And though I am not comprehensively acquainted with Guatemala, what recently transpired there gives us hope.

Christian News reports:

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The army of Guatemala has expelled the crew of a Dutch boat that had docked on its shores in an effort to transport abortion-minded mothers out to sea, where it would provide drugs to end their child’s life.

According to reports, the non-profit organization Women on Waves had docked at the Port of San Jose last week to offer medicinal abortions to mothers in the country. The group proffers abortions to women who are up to 10 weeks pregnant, as it transports them out to international waters to provide mifepristone and misoprostol.

This attempted mass murder on the high seas once again shows that the abortionists do not care about “choice.” Had they cared about choice, they would have respected the laws of the people of Guatemala. They would have understood that the people had chosen their governing officials and they had decided that abortion was murder.

We also see hope in the fact that the people of Guatemala were never going to allow their neighbors to enter the Dutch boat in the first place.

Christian News continues,

Deutsche Wells reports that a crowd of protesters was ready to push back against the abortion organization, to physically block those from Women on Waves who came ashore.

“Why don’t you go to the Netherlands to kill children?” called out Marleny Arias, 50.

Oh! For such an understanding of abortion in our country.

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