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Duke University Capitulates To Radical Left, Removes Lee Statue

The debate over the fate of our nation’s history continues to rage this week as locales across America grapple with leftist pressure to revise the past.

Stemming from the ultra-violent Battle of Charlottesville one week ago, a number of cities across the country have been forced to endure vandalism and violence at the site of certain historical monuments, many of which were created to eulogize the brave men who fought and died during the Civil War.  The fervor of the radical left has, however, created some instances in which inappropriate monuments were targeted, specifically in Atlanta and Chicago, leading many to believe that this latest mutation of the liberal ideology is falling victim to the same rampant ignorance of the disorganized and vitriolic Black Lives Matter hate group.

Under the guise of preserving public safety, however, cities and towns around America are preemptively removing monuments that could possibly be targeted by these violent “antifa” protesters.  Baltimore, Maryland, for example, quickly and quietly removed several dedicated memorials in the dead of night last week, hoping to secretly quell any trouble on the horizon, without a single regard for their citizens’ wishes.

Now, Duke University has done the same, capitulating to the radical left’s push for historical revisionism.

“Duke University announced that it removed a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee early Saturday after it had been vandalized.

“The university, located in Durham, N.C., said it removed the limestone depiction of Lee from Duke Chapel amid a national debate about monuments to the Confederacy. A statue of Lee was at the heart of a violent protest last week in Charlottesville, Va., which turned deadly.

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“University President Vince Price said in a letter to the campus community that he consulted with faculty, staff, students and alumni about the decision to remove the statue.”

It has long been said that we are doomed to repeat history if we refuse to study it.  It seems that it is already too late of the radical left.

What is often ignored regarding General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Confederate armies during the Civil War, is that he was never a slave owner or proponent of slavery.  Lee was granted the opportunity to command the Union armies first, but declined in order to defend his Virginian homeland.  His motivations were purely seated in the realm of protecting the people of his state, and not in the left’s misguided accusations of bigotry.

The left is already repeating the history that they refuse to recognize.

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