This Interview With an ISIS Fighter Reveals Their Plan For Europe [VIDEO]

from Youtube

To live under a caliphate is the dream of an ISIS fighter. Guess where!

Here is the dream of an ISIS fighter from his own lips.

According to Fusion,

Per capita, Belgium has sent more fighters to join ISIS than any other nation in Europe. Michael Delefortrie was one of the first, and he lived to return to his home in Brussels. Many of his friends, he says, “went to Paradise.” As part of its upcoming hour-long documentary on extremism in Europe, Fusion’s investigative team sat down with the former altar boy to discuss his views on Islam and jihad.

The interview with Deleforte informs us of the dream of an ISIS fighter: to live under a caliphate in Europe.

From the description of the documentary in the post, it seems that “The Naked Truth” attempts to be “balanced” by covering both the threat of Jihadists and the alleged threat of “right wing” extremists. Does that seem credible to anyone? The label of “right wing” extremism is used as a strategy to marginalize almost anyone who objects to Europe’s insane immigration and refugee policy.

To the extent that there really are dangerous “right wing” zealots who have adopted a genuinely neo-nazi ideology (ignoring for the moment that the Nazis were leftists), the only reason they are getting any traction in Europe at all is 1) because of Europe’s suicidal policy for Islamist immigrants, and 2) because of the way the ruling regime attacks critics of that policy by accusing them of hate, racism, and xenophobia. Like our own ruling establishment attacking Donald Trump and only reinforcing his popularity, European politicians are doing everything they can to make their culture ripe for a “right wing” surge.

I don’t blame Fusion for attempting to position their documentary as “balanced.” They may not believe it themselves. They may have decided that the only way to expose the dream of an ISIS fighter without being labeled as xenophobic or racist was to package it with politically correct content.

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