Dr. Phil Speaks Out Against Violent Liberal Protests Shutting Down Free Speech

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The famed Dr. Phil McGraw appeared on Fox and Friends early this morning to talk about the outburst of violence from those on the left. Particularly, Dr. Phil has been troubled by the attempts of America’s young people to shut down the speech of people that they may not necessarily agree with. McGraw considers it a gross overreaction to the left’s recent political losses and he spends a few minutes roundly criticizing the attack on free speech, as well as the violence used by leftists to silence their opponents.

“I’m troubled by that, I’m troubled by either side. Look, we have the right… everybody has the right to protest, and do it peacefully. We’re guaranteed that right, but… if somebody starts doing things, talking about things that you don’t like, and you start threatening, you start putting people’s lives in danger.

Come on.

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The test of the First Amendment is that you fight to protect the rights of those that talk about the things you hate the most. And that’s not what’s happening here. I’m really bothered by this…

They just feel entitled to shut down people that disagree with them, and I just disagree with that. I think that’s bad, whether it’s Republican, Democrat, whatever. Give the people the right to say what they want to say. And if you disagree with it, raise your voice loud and long.

But let me tell you something, it’s not the thunder that makes the flowers grow. It’s the rain. You can get out there and yell all you want but at some point you’ve got to have a dialogue.

Listen, we’ve been through civil war in this country and survived. If we can survive civil war, we can survive Trump, we can survive Ann Coulter. C’mon…”

That’s some spot-on analysis from Dr. Phil. The First Amendment guarantees everyone (conservative or liberal) the right to say things that other people might hate. That’s the whole point of having a “right to free speech.” My side doesn’t get to decide what is acceptable from your side, and your side doesn’t get to decide what’s acceptable on my side. I can’t believe i’m saying this… but if more people would just listen to what Dr. Phil is saying, we’d all be better off.

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