Dr. Kelli Ward is John McCain’s Worst “Nightmare”!

Several months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Dr. Kelli Ward who is running a primary challenge against Senator John McCain (R-AZ) in Arizona this year. Senator McCain hopes to run for reelection in November, but first he has to defeat Ward in the GOP primary. However, McCain’s team is getting nervous because the campaign is not going as easily as they though it would. Dr. Ward has consolidated the conservative vote in Arizona, and she’s fighting hard to win over GOP voters who are tired of the lackluster job McCain has done in defending conservative values.

Through my research and our conversation together, I became convinced of Dr. Ward’s sincerity to defend our nation and our Constitution.

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Dr. Kelli Ward is a firebrand whose time has come. Dr. Ward is a passionate conservative who has the right ideas to move our nation forward and the political backbone to see the job done. If elected, I believe that you can expect Senator Ward to stand with her conservative colleagues and to fight against the corruption, cronyism and largesse of the establishment in both parties. I believe that she will do what she says and the she will take a strong stand for conservative values and make us proud to have supported her.

In fact, I am so certain that Dr. Ward is the “real deal” that I am writing today to urge the wonderful people of the great state of Arizona to stand with Dr. Ward. I am pleased to endorse her candidacy and excited to support her run for the Senate.

Well, now it seems that Dr. Ward has also convinced Dr. Ron Paul of her devotion to liberty and Constitutional principles. Dr. Ward recently appeared on Paul’s show the Ron Paul Liberty Report to discuss her campaign and her upcoming primary battle against McCain.

Why is Sen. McCain so steamed? He’s got a real challenger to the seat he has held for more than three decades. His opponent wants to keep out of all the overseas wars and to get rid of the ill-named PATRIOT Act. And she’s giving McCain a real run for his money. We talk with Dr. Kelli Ward in today’s Liberty Report:

I encourage you to see what Dr. Ward is all about and then to get involved to help her win. Please consider how you can help. Our nation is on the brink, and it’s time for all hands on deck to do what we can to save the republic. Dr. Ward is ready, willing, and able to serve – now we just need to let her do it.

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