I Miss Dr. Jerry Falwell’s Boldness

Dr. Jerry Falwell is greatly missed. I graduated from Liberty University in 1996 and remember Dr. Falwell’s boldness.   Falwell was relentless, a force of nature.

I was at Liberty University during exciting times too while Dr. Jerry Falwell was alive.  We saw the Republican revolution before our very eyes led by Newt Gingrich. I remember the day it happened and I remember the Liberty convocation with the full student body the next day at school and it was electric. We would hear countless stories from Falwell at convocation about his confrontations with liberals like Donahue and countless other Marxists. He would never flinch he would never back down and he wasn’t afraid to be booed on national tv. He would expect it and almost welcome it. Something interesting happens when you don’t back down from the left. The left fears you. They may throw mud but they realize you are not going to back down and you have a real movement behind you. I always wondered why people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be willing to meet with Dr. Jerry Falwell. They knew Falwell would never back down but they feared and respected him.  I remember years ago watching on CSPAN a forum with Falwell and Larry Flynt as they discussed their past battles with Hustler magazine. Falwell didn’t back down in that forum either but he opened the door to Larry Flynt to attend Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg.

Dr. Falwell was hated by his own. The same feckless Evangelical leaders you see today would always be ashamed of Falwell while he was alive.  They felt that he spent too much time engaging the culture instead of “preaching the gospel”.  Falwell didn’t see “preaching the gospel” and “engaging the culture” as being mutually exclusive.

The truth is these feckless evangelical leaders deep down inside were pure yellow bellied cowards and are still cowards today. They would see the arrows that Falwell took and it scared them to death. Plenty of elected Republicans were cowards too when it came to Falwell. George W. Bush didn’t even attend Falwell’s funeral but sent a lowly white house staffer to represent him instead.  Their fear of being smeared by the marxist media and democrat party kept them away from standing with Falwell on the most pressing moral issues of the day. Getting into the public arena to stand up on moral issues takes courage. It takes getting blasted from the media. It takes a strong stomach and steel spine. Dr. Jerry Falwell had it. He would be maligned, lied about and smeared. Many evangelical leaders would even help the marxist media spread those lies and smears.

You’ve heard these convenient biblical phrases your whole life that Evangelical leaders hide behind so they don’t have to get their hands dirty by standing up for the pressing moral issues of the day. They are fig leaves that need to be exposed and removed if we ever want to get our country back on the right track and the church becomes salt again in a rotting society.  Here are the phrases.

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Hate the sin love the sinner.

This is a true statement but, isn’t it interesting that this phrase usually comes up when someone like Dr. Jerry Falwell is hammering the sin in our culture?  It’s almost a suggestion that somehow your loud and vocal hatred of sin is somehow not loving to the sinner and perhaps you should “tone down the rhetoric”. This phrase usually turns into let’s just talk about the love of Jesus and never bring up sin and repentance.  It’s almost like speaking out against sin is the Holy Spirit’s department and not our’s as believers. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We must take a stand!

I am convinced that the average churchgoer does not know what sin really is. The major reason for this is that modern-day preachers do not preach against sin. The Bible tells us that “sin is the transgression of the law” (1 John 3:4). This is where the problem is. Preachers today do not preach the Ten Commandments. Brain-washed by Scofieldism and antinomianism, they spend most of their time telling the people Christ freed us from the law. It is little wonder that a church member sees nothing wrong with lying, adultery, stealing, and even murder in some cases. From the sermons he has heard in his pulpit he thinks that Christ came to free man from the law so he could do as he pleases. Many church members believe and practice this.

Christ did free us from the law of sin and death, but He did not free us from the moral law of God. The regenerated man delights in God’s law (Rom. 7:22). The moral law is the rule of life for the believer. All of the Ten Commandments are quoted in the New Testament.

Dr. Jerry Falwell proved that you can truly hate the sin and not back down but at the same time love the sinner.  Falwell blasted Larry Flynt during the whole Hustler magazine lawsuit but would meet with Larry many times sharing the gospel with him and inviting him to church.

We need to stay out of politics and just preach the gospel.

This unfortunately is the most damning statement that can be uttered by any evangelical. If the evangelical community kept Republicans accountable for the last 30 years like the Teaparty has for the past 7 years we would have a different country.  We would of never had Barack Obama. We would of never had the feckless GOP Establishment. Why does “preaching the gospel” and “taking on the culture” and being involved in the political process have to be mutually exclusive? The truth is evangelicals are telling God that your influence is limited. But I’ve been called to preach the gospel that’s why I don’t get involved in the political realm.  How convenient on “your calling”.

You wonder why there really is no more strong evangelical leaders today who are able to influence the culture like Dr. Jerry Falwell did.  Their influence is limited because they won’t stand in the gap like Falwell did. They aren’t willing to take the arrows from the media to stand up against the marxist left and speak strongly on the moral issues of the day. Their message is wallpaper.

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