Brett Kavanaugh

Dr. Ford and The Democrats Rail Against FBI Probe They Called For

And so the struggle over Brett Kavanaugh continues. 

According to Senator Chuck Grassley, the FBI’s report on the allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has provided the Senate Judiciary Committee with no further evidence of a sexual assault occurring all the way back in the early 1980’s.  This was somewhat expected, given that the possibility of finding eyewitnesses other than those mentioned, as well as any shred of physical corroboration from a house that has not been identified seems pretty impossible.

Still, the investigation was requested and the investigation was carried out.  The results are not what the democrats would have liked, and the choice to not interview Brett Kavanaugh or Dr. Ford is now a lightning rod of controversy for the democrats.

Many on the right felt that this move was well-telegraphed by the democrats, given their long history of shifting goals in the Kavanaugh conflict.

This is master-level sarcasm right here.

And, of course, Ben Shapiro had something to say.

Today will likely be a tumultuous one on Capitol Hill, as Senate democrats are expected to wail and flail in front of the cameras in order to draw attention to their opinion on the matter.

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