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Dr. Ben Carson Targeted By Angry Leftist Vandals After Charlottesville

The left’s farcical condemnation of hate and bigotry has been exposed once again, this time by former republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson.

After the Weekend War in Charlottesville, Virginia days ago, the nation appeared quite torn.  President Trump took to the airwaves on three separate occasions to denounce the bigotry and hatred of the radical left, while the liberals behind the violent “antifa” protesters exploited their media stranglehold to portray the President’s remarks as simply “too little, too late”.  This tactic was supposed to prove to the nation that the left side of American politics is the only place that tolerance exists.

Then, right on cue, Dr. Carson’s home was vandalized by leftist cowards using “hateful” messages.

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“In response, Carson is urging Americans to avoid the emotional conflicts caused by the far-left effort to tear down Confederate-era memorials.

“Racist ‘hatred and bigotry unfortunately still exists in our country and we must all continue to fight it, but let’s use the right tools,’ such as ‘people taking the high road,’ he wrote.

“Reconciliation ‘is the likely outcome if we just learn to be neighborly and to get to know each other,’ Carson wrote in an August 16 post on his Facebook page.

 “In the post, he wrote:

“‘Our home in Virginia along with that of a neighbor was vandalized by people who also wrote hateful rhetoric about President Trump. We were out of town, but other kind, embarrassed neighbors cleaned up most of the mess before we returned.'”

While the exact message emblazoned on Carson’s home has yet to be revealed, it is safe to say that the Doctor’s description of the graffiti as “hateful” is a clear indication of the tone involved.

The hypocrisy of the left in this particular instance is profoundly incredible.  This vandalism, and other actions like it, have sprung up in full force over the course of the last few days, as Americans continue to find division after the events in Charlottesville.

The left, who has conjured up the audacity to take some imaginary moral high ground, is one in the same with these “hateful” vandals that attacked the Carson home.  Now, as these radicalized liberal lunatics continue to run amok, we must all stay vigilant and prepared.  Their war is far from over.

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