Doug Jones

Doug Jones Employs Overt Racism in Last Ditch Effort to Beat Moore

The people of Alabama are wising up to the trickery of the radical left, and Doug Jones is determined to learn this lesson the hard way.

Jones, a liberal democrat who hopes to beat conservative icon Judge Roy Moore in Tuesday’s special election for the U.S. Senate, has been behooved by a few conveniently timed accusations of wrongdoing by Moore that took place roughly 40 years ago.  Unfortunately for Jones, the people of Alabama have seen through this transparent attempt at a smear campaign, and Moore continues to lead Jones in the polls.

Not to mention that this was before Moore’s main accuser admitted that she had forged a central piece of “evidence” in her case against the right wing icon.

Now, Jones is finding himself in dire straights as one of his latest ad campaigns has been deemed racist by those who have seen it.

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“With less than a week until Election Day, Alabama Democrat Senate candidate Doug Jones has angered black voters by attacking Republican opponent Roy Moore with a flyer some critics are calling a racist advertisement.

“The mailing was created to look something like an Internet meme. At the top, it reads, ‘Think if a Black man went after high school girls anyone would try to make him a senator?’ Beneath that is a photo of a young black man with a comical skeptical look on his face.

“But African American critics of the flyer think the ad hits a sour note and is borderline racist.

“’I feel it was putting you in a position to vote based on race, versus the correct candidate, or a candidate,’ Alabama resident Veronica Jones told WHNT News 19. She said she didn’t think it was the correct way to address Alabama’s minority community, if that was the Jones campaign’s intent. She added, ‘Just state the facts, what are you going to do for that target area, and be done.’”

Whether it is Jones’ pandering or his overt racial sentiments that will cost him the election has yet to be determined.

Moore is currently handling an approximate 6 point lead on the liberal democrat with only a few days left before Alabama heads to the polls.

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