The “Doomsday Plane” is Airborne Once Again as World War Looms

It’s easy to understand why many in America are suffering from adult-onset insomnia and a sudden, cramping concern deep in their gut.  The world around us is growing ever more crowded with ideas that don’t mesh well with freedom.

We are the bastions of liberty.  We’re the nation that invented the idea of liberty protected by government, and we still do it the best.  Some around the globe, however, believed that we should slip from this incredible pedestal with the introduction of Donald Trump to the process.  This has emboldened the “bad actors” and the clandestine crooks of the world at large, sensing a turgid, bubbling cauldron of divisiveness in America.

This “ripe for the picking” mentality has pushed Russia to the brink of inciting World War III over our insistence that Bashar al-Assad quit gassing the Syrian people he’s entrusted to protect.  This was a perfectly reasonable request with a whole heck of a lot of precedent, yet Putin decides to turn ornery this time.  This reverse engineering of conflict is Putin’s specialty, and he seems hellbent on keeping his backside in the throne.

Now Putin looks to be sizing up Donald Trump as well, wondering if perhaps a conflict over Syria could be the spark needed to ignite global cataclysm.

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In the off-chance that this does become the case, the U.S. military has dusted off the ol’ “Doomsday” fleet of specially-equipped Boeings.

The Boeing E-4B Nightwatch, more commonly known as the ‘Doomsday plane’, went airborne minutes after Donald Trump vowed to strike Syria earlier this week.

The Nightwatch is an airborne nuclear war command center that allows the U.S. government to maintain a chain of command in the event of a major war.

One of the fleet of 10 doomsday planes is always kept in close proximity to the president, even when he is out of the country. The aircraft can stay airborne for up to 150 hours and has in-built electromagnetic pulse protection to survive the impact of a nuclear strike.

The Nightwatch took off from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Indiana shortly after President Trump tweeted that missiles “will be coming” despite Russia’s vow to shoot them down and attack launch pads.

Pentagon officials declined to comment on the deployment of the aircraft.

Only time will tell if Donald Trump was bluffing with his raucous “missiles are coming” tweet targeting The Kremlin this week.

If the President does take action in Syria, will Russia have the capacity to calmly back down?  Or is Vladimir Putin perhaps too much of a stickler for honor?  Only time will tell.

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