We Shouldn’t Be Surprised by Hillary’s “Get Out of Jail” Card

Seriously.  Did you really think that a Justice Department controlled by Obama and his FBI Director were going to indict Hillary?  You shouldn’t be surprised. What this proves is that for many people they are finally realizing how truly lawless this administration is.  Obama operates on a different set of rules than the rest of us.  Republicans should be hammering his lawlessness. Republicans should be putting Obama’s ideology on trial.  It’s a mistake to suggest that Obama is incompetent and we simply need a better manager in the White House or a smarter manager in the White House who can make better deals than him.  This also proves that the idea that somehow Americans are going to suddenly wake up, see that lawlessness and defeat Hillary Clinton because of her criminal activity is not going to happen.  For many years, as far as I can remember going back to Bill Clinton’s presidency, Rush and Hannity would peddle outrage 24/7 of Clinton corruption.  People were going to see how bad it was.  People also were going to see how bad Obama is and would rise up and stop him at the ballot box.  It never happened.

Either we start running on issues with credible candidates or we don’t.  No amount of public outrage is going to make a bit of difference unless we prosecute the democratic party on issues.  We need to start getting more partisan.  When Republicans run partisan issue focused campaigns we win every time.  When we  run campaigns on personalities and try to drum up outrage by simply saying, “At least I’m not the Democrat,” we lose every time.  The point is, issues and prosecuting the left on issues deliver victories not perceived outrage.  

The salient note is that 1994 demonstrated how nationalizing an election — especially when there’s a statist in the White House who wants government to dominate our lives, including our healthcare — is how Republicans win. Those were the days of the HillaryCare threat, not to mention a corrupt majority in Congress. Opposing such a president and his party wins every time it’s tried. Oh, and it’s the right thing to do to boot, as if anyone in Washington still cares about that.

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Consider another teachable: The same lesson was relived with the 2010 midterms. Statist in the White House? Check. Government control of everything? Check. Government healthcare? Check. Corrupt majorities in Congress? Double check. So what happened in 2010? A national tidal wave washed 63 House Democrats and six Senators off to the side — and also swept away some 700 state legislative seats as well. This allowed Republicans to control the drawing of Congressional districts almost everywhere — a very key power in a census year. It was an even bigger win, at least numerically, than 1994 was.

Let’s do the math: not only did nationalizing an election work for House and Senate races, success even trickled down to state assemblies in a very big way. There was no Contract with America per se that gained any traction, but the 2009 emergence of the Tea Party movement — and the volatile town halls of the same year — dictated the terms of the election, and it was all about one effort to role back Obama’s power, especially Obama Care. It was without a doubt a national issue election — and the issue was Obama.

Going forward, if it’s about Issues, we win.  If it’s about anything else, we lose.  Pointing out corruption and lawlessness has it’s place, but if it’s not being driven by the issues, we lose every time.

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