Don’t Hand America Over to a Criminal

Home stretch. Just one more day for Wikileaks or somebody else to drop the bomb that will finally stop Hillary Clinton.

Honestly, I don’t know how she’s made it this far, when everything coming out of her campaign is a lie or a cover-up. With nearly daily revelations of the many ways the Clintons have traded influence for money, exposed national secrets, covered up actual sexual assaults, used hirelings to stir up violence at Donald Trump events, conspired to steal primary votes from Bernie Sanders, manufactured sex allegations against the Republican candidate, and just demonstrated contempt for voters, there is simply no logical explanation for why anyone still considers her a viable candidate.

Probably the only reason her survival has been possible at all is the vast media complicity that has hidden details of her many scandals, steadfastly refused to remind people of her true record, and misdirected the public by focusing on trivial and even outright faked stories about her opponent, Trump.

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From a certain point of view, it’s fascinating to watch how Hillary Clinton and her minions manipulate the voting public, like observing Shelob, the giant spider in Lord of the Rings, injecting its prey with paralyzing venom then wrapping it in a web to hang and tenderize before she sucks out the liquefied organs.

That’s a pretty good analogy of what Clinton plans to do to America if she wins on Tuesday. If history has taught us nothing else about the Clintons, it has taught us that the profit motive is the key to their actions, and woe unto any who get in their way.

Even though FBI Director James Comey has taken a double dive and once again pronounced Hillary free and clear in the email scandal, despite discovering 650,000 emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, we know enough bits and pieces from everything FBI agents and Wikileaks have published to get the big picture.

Hillary set up the private email server so she wouldn’t have to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests and in the hopes of avoiding congressional scrutiny as she traded influence and favors for donations to her Clinton Foundation during her time as secretary of state. Hillary and her top aide Huma Abedin (and probably others as well) went even further and deliberately transferred classified information to a Yahoo email account. The only realistically likely reason for doing so was in order to sell access to the information. (Though the media are still running propaganda interference, with McClatchy absurdly suggesting that Abedin forwarded more than half a million emails to her Yahoo account so she could print them out for Clinton.)

This is not only criminal, it’s treasonous. It’s not just violation of some obscure rule, it’s espionage. And the FBI has twice refused to do its job because the Department of Justice won’t let it, and that’s because that’s just how big and pervasive the Clintons’ criminal network is.

In addition to her well-deserved future arrest and conviction, there’s Hillary’s actual work record to consider. Her time as secretary of state is primarily notable for getting four Americans killed in Benghazi (when leaked emails show that there were clearly forces available to help, and Hillary refused to let them go); overthrowing several stable governments and leaving the Muslim world in North Africa and the Middle East in chaos; taking us to the brink of war with Russia over Obama’s itch to remove Syria’s leader; and standing by as China has vastly upgraded its military technology and become an increasingly belligerent power in Asia.

Then there’s her health. Hillary Clinton is clearly not well, and her episodes of fainting, dizziness, coughing up huge green balls of phlegm and whatnot cannot possibly be dismissed as dehydration, pneumonia or any of the other excuses her campaign has used. She’s got some serious, advanced illness that can be masked temporarily with drugs but will ultimately catch up with her, and that should be a bar to her undertaking one of the most stressful jobs around.

Another serious concern that is being almost completely ignored by the media is the recent revelation that the would-be president is surrounding herself with people who are either Satanists themselves or who think Satanism is cool, funny, avant-garde — choose your adjective. This fact is revealed by an email sent to John Podesta by his brother that included a personal invitation to a “spirit cooking,” a blood-using occult ritual associated with black magician Aleister Crowley.

No sooner did that email come out than Hillary held an event featuring a racism- and sexism-loaded performance by Jay Z, who is known to be a fan of Crowley, as well.

Vague rumors about Hillary and Satanism go all the way back to the fact that her mentor, Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Suggestions of Satanism are not something one would like to see in a presidential candidate, and the urge to dismiss them as mere foolishness is strong. But once is a fluke, twice is a coincidence, thrice is a trend. Clinton connections to occultism would just be black icing on a really disgusting cake. Now, we have to seriously consider that she may have literally sold her soul to the devil for power. To atheists (declared or de facto), this is all a joke. To other thinking people, however, it should be considered a major problem.

There’s so much more corruption to talk about with Hillary Clinton. The rabbit hole just goes deeper and deeper.

No one should want to see America fall into Hillary’s criminal hands.


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