Brett Kavanaugh

Don’t Fall For the Fake News About Momma Kavanaugh

I could very likely spend my entire day simply refuting the bias of the mainstream media, and exposing their chicanery to you, my dear reader, but we regularly have more important axes to grind.

In the case of a bizarre tale involving the mother of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, however, it is rather important to set the record straight…Especially given the possibility of a certain Kavanaugh accuser possibly appearing before the senate on Monday.

You see, one of the stories floating around in the ether of the internet is a tale about Brett Kavanaugh’s mother, also a judge, foreclosing on the home of his accuser’s parents.  If true, this would be one massively juicy detail that could explain the animus and timing of these recent allegations from 3 decades ago.  The only problem is, of course, that it isn’t true.

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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman, Christine Blasey Ford, when they were both in high school in the early 1980s. Kavanaugh has now twice denied the allegations, saying in no uncertain terms that he did no such thing.

The allegations have prompted the normal reactions from political partisans, including the usual airing of misleading, disingenuous, and outright false attacks and defenses.

But perhaps the strangest response this week to the Kavanaugh accusations involves the dredging up of a 1996 court case adjudicated in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. The case involves Ford’s parents, Ralph and Paula Blasey, and Kavanaugh’s mother, Martha, who served at the time as a judge on that circuit.

The court filing ( Case No. 156006V in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County) shows that the Blaseys appeared as defendants in a case involving a foreclosure on their home. And a judge briefly involved in the case was none other than Martha Kavanaugh.

The reality of the situation is far different.  And proven.

A review of the filings shows that Judge Kavanaugh signed an order in 1997 dismissing the foreclosure after the Blaseys refinanced their home. The 10th item on the court docket reads, “ORDER OF COURT (KAVANAUGH, J./RICE, M.) THAT THE VOLUNTARY MOTION TO DISMISS IS HEREBY GRANTED WITH PREJUDICE AND THAT THE BOND FILED BY HARRY J. KELLY AS TRUSTEE SHALL BE RELEASED AND RETURNED FILED.”

In fact, what Martha Kavanaugh did may have been far more beneficial to the Fords than harmful.

The records show Martha Kavanaugh was one of several judges involved in the case. The records show she made no ruling pertaining to a seizure of the Blasleys’ home. The records also show that her involvement in the case was minimal. Basically, she dismissed it, and that’s it.

She even dismissed the foreclosure “with prejudice,” meaning that, on the merits, the case was over and could not be refiled on the same grounds. Also, in case you were wondering, the Blaseys still retain ownership of the home listed in the court filings, according to the most current data available from the state of Maryland’s Department of Assessment and Taxation. So no, it does not appear that they lost their home.

And they call me “fake news”.  Give me a break.


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