Don’t Believe a Word Politifact Tells You

Many members of the mainstream media (and the folks at Facebook) have taken to relying on the liberals at Politifact and Snopes to do their fact-checking work for them, which is odd, because what is journalism supposed to be if not “fact-checking.” The decision by the media and now the leaders of social media, to turn the job of fact-checking over to a 3rd party is one reason that the media’s reputation now suffers the indignities that it does.

Recently, the indomitable John Nolte did the hard work of gathering just a few examples of why relying on 3rd party outlets for the truth has been such a major misstep by the media. Over at the Daily Wire he has gathered 21 examples of Politifact getting their facts all wrong. Interestingly, he doesn’t include Politifact’s most recently revealed lie that Obama forced Syria to get rid of all of their chemical weapons, but he does make it clear that he was barely scratching the surface with the 21 examples he did choose.

Here they are:

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1. You can keep your insurance under ObamaCare

2. Illegal Aliens are not criminals.

3. Hillary didn’t lie. But the mother who lost her son at Benghazi probably did.

4. Trump’s National Debt numbers are correct, but he still lied.

5. Trump quoted Hillary verbatim but is still lying about what she said.

6. Democrats who sat during a Navy SEAL tribute were not seated.

7. The shrinking Democrat Party is not shrinking.

8. Jokes about Iran are lies.

9. Obama did not go on an international apology tour.

10. Reporting accurate numbers about the Clinton Foundation’s lack of charitable giving is lying.

11. Quoting accurate numbers about the number of women who lost their jobs during the Obama administration is lying.

12. Hillary never sent or received classified information through her home-brewed server.

13. When a Democrat says it, it’s the truth. When a Republican says it, not so much.

14. Republicans lie more than Democrats.

15. ObamaCare is not in a Death Spiral.

16. Trump took Thomas Jefferson out of context.

17. People are not more optimistic about the economy

18. Trump did not save the F-35 contract.

19. Waterboarding doesn’t work.

20. Mike Pence denied evolution.

21. Republican Senator Ron Johnson Denied Humans Affect Climate Change

There is a bunch more lies, but I just ran out of Internet…


Read Nolte’s entire piece at the Daily Wire.

Also you can see more analysis of Politifact’s history of lying here and here. 🇺🇸

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