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Donna’s Diatribe Regarding Hillary’s Health Exposes A Much Larger Issue

Even though we have been thankfully removed from the tumultuous election of 2016 for an entire year, our nation is still haunted by some of the more unsavory realities exposed during the contest.

The truth regarding what occurred on the democratic side of the 2016 President election is both fascinating and utterly frightening, and the cushion of being one year distant from those events has allowed for a greater litany of truths to be developed.  Where we once believed that the DNC and the party it represents were merely incompetent, we are now discovering an entirely more terrifying reality of collusion, corruption, and cover ups.

Thanks to a new book by interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile, the 2016 election process has been outed as hostile takeover by the Hillary Clinton Campaign who financially bailed out the failing organization in return for immoral and unethical advantages in the primary process, essentially robbing Bernie Sanders of his ability to compete with the former First Lady.  While this may sound like something out of a conspiracy movie, the sheer amount of corroboration from high level, reputable sources tells us that it is certainly verifiable.

One tidbit of information that Brazile alluded to in her book had to do with the DNC coverup of Hillary Clinton’s family obvious health concerns – something that the mainstream media spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to shoo away.  Now that Donna Brazile has opened pandora’s box, so to speak, we are left with an even more important question than whether or not Hillary was healthy.

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We now must ask ourselves if this is pure and unadulterated evidence of collusion between the mainstream media and the DNC.

“Silly, silly Donna Brazile. She’s publishing a book detailing turmoil in the Democratic Party during the 2016 campaign, highlighted by her concern that Hillary Clinton was seriously ill and might need to be replaced by Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

“What’s the big deal? There’s no news here because all this was well-known and covered at the time by the big national newspapers and networks, right?

“Wrong. If Brazile were rehashing things we knew, there would be no book and no bombshell headlines now.

“Put it this way: How is it possible that the leader of the Democratic Party was talking to colleagues about trying to replace its nominee during the general election because of health concerns, and none of the thousands of journalists covering the campaign got wind of it?

“It’s not possible — if the media had been playing it down the middle and holding both candidates to the same standard of scrutiny. But big media missed a big story because so much campaign ‘news’ coverage was tilted toward defeating Donald Trump and electing Clinton.

“Anything that could possibly suggest Trump was unfit for the Oval Office — bingo, front page, top of the broadcast.”

This is precisely the concern that many Americans had during the election itself, as Hillary continued to flounder on staircases of any size, seized and ticked like an epileptic child, and then fainted on a breezy, pleasant day in New York City for no discernible reason.

Donna Brazile’s heavy insinuation that Hillary’s health had the DNC scrambling for a replacement is more than mere news, it is a revelation about the slant of the media that has always favored the lunatic left.

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