Donna Brazile Demands Protection of Her Cheating

In an interview, Donna Brazile demands the government protect the DNC from Russia exposing Democrat corruption.

Listen, as Donna Brazile demands government help:

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What is noteworthy about this interview is that Brazile seems to confirm that all the emails were authentic. Her privacy was violated. How could it have been violated unless real emails were publicized by Wikileaks?

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As The Hill reports,

Donna Brazile is calling on Congress to conduct a bipartisan investigation into Russia’s meddling in the U.S. election.

“As Chair of the Democratic National Committee — one of the main victims of the Russian attacks — I ask that you support and provide any needed assistance to an independent, bipartisan investigation of the attacks that includes public hearings,” the interim chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee wrote in a letter to Congress Sunday.

“What we do know is that these intrusions were not just ‘hacks’ — they were attacks on the United States by a foreign power, and they must be treated as such,” she said. 

Brazile wants answers to questions regarding Russia’s intent and how the U.S. is preparing to prevent future attacks. 

She called for the investigation to be “thorough, independent, and bipartisan.”

How exactly is anything that Russia allegedly did worse than what we have learned the NSA has been doing all over the world?

The Hill published their brief story without mentioning that Donna Brazile herself got fired by CNN for what the emails revealed about her cheating. Twice, from what we can tell in the leaked emails, Brazile gave the Clinton campaign advance notice about questions that Hillary would be asked in interviews. But in both the story and in the interview above she acted like what happened was all Russia’s fault.

The interviewer in the video above asks if Brazile bears any responsibility for that “hack.” In the context, it sounds like a question about cybersecurity. But if we keep in mind the Brazile-CNN scandal, the question is easily interpreted in a different way. By cheating to help Hillary Clinton, Donna Brazile was a source of corruption that could be exposed to make the Clinton campaign look bad. The looked bad because the emails showed that they are bad.

What made the Democrat party look even worse is that Donna Brazile acted like a self-righteous hypocrite after she was exposed. The Democrat Party, including President Obama, praised Brazile as if she was a hero for what she did. Now, with her blaming the Russians for her troubles, she is doubling down on her self-righteous act.

But the Russians didn’t make her pass on CNN interview questions to Hillary Clinton. The Russians didn’t make the White House openly praise her after she was exposed as a cheater.

The Democrats openly did all they could to condone Brazile’s behavior by praising her after she was caught. They basically increased the PR damage done by the leaked emails by how they acted in public.

Even if Russia did indeed get the emails and pass them on to Wikileaks, Donna Brazile should look for reasons closer to home that led to Democrat defeat.

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