Donald Trump’s Convention Speech was a Big Win!

And so it happened, a convention that started with a floor fight ended with unity.  Well, not total unity but pretty darn close. My assigned spot in section 120 was right above the very pro-Cruz Texas delegation. As Donald Trump spoke even pro-Cruz Texas was cheering. But it wasn’t just Texas, as the delegates streamed out of the Quicken Loans Arena Thursday evening there was amazement in their voices.

“I can’t believe he was that good!”

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“He blew me away”

“Oh my God he nailed it!”

As the chattering throng passed by those comments and others like it could be overheard, each wave of people from a different delegation and speaking with a slightly different accent. This was the real GOP base, not the elite snobs who look down on the “regular people,” they stayed away from the convention.  It is this  Republican base who agrees with Trump on issues as immigration, trade and entitlements.

The final night of the convention did its job, it motivated the party faithful to rally around their candidate and get to work electing Donald Trump the next POTUS…

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