Donald Trump’s Cabinet: Pro-War Neocons or Anti-Establishment Non-Interventionists?

In an interview with RT, former Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul outlined some concerns that he has regarding a Trump presidency.

While Dr. Paul noted that Trump is probably the most “peaceful” presidential candidate to win the White House – in the sense that he’s been very critical of U.S. foreign policy, and has said that we should be more friendly to Russia – he does have concerns about the President-elect staffing his cabinet with neoconservatives.

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As Paul said, what it really boils down to is not what Trump has said on the campaign trail. What matters is who is going to be advising the President once he’s in office. Neoconservatives are known for being very pro-war.

The former congressman said he’s also concerned about the so-called shadow government or the “deep state,” which orchestrates – or attempts to orchestrate – events outside the scope of the U.S. government. This “shadow government” is involved with rigging foreign elections, foreign coups, causing false-flag events, etc., that elicit immediate responses from the President.

It’s usually those types of things that get the U.S. so involved in overseas wars and foreign diplomatic entanglements. And many times, those catalyzing events occur without the president’s knowledge – which is the point.

If President Trump is going to be consistent with candidate Trump, he should surround himself with those whose goals are to avoid these costly – both in money and blood – foreign entanglements. The U.S. should try to promote friendship and trade with as many nations as we can and not get involved in the internal affairs of these nations.

Ron Paul was also asked whether he’d accept a position as Secretary of State in a Trump administration:

I echo the same concerns as Paul. While I’m not and never have been a big fan of Donald Trump, I desperately want to be proven wrong about my concerns.

Trump won fair and square. He garnered the trust of the people. Now, he has to make due on his promises. Does he really want to “shake things up” in Washington, or is he going to turn out to be yet another power-hungry politician making backroom deals and accepting bribes? This time next year, we’ll know a lot more.


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