Donald Trump and the “Thousands of Arab’s Celebrating” Comment

Okay, this will be my last article on this subject.  I promise!  My previous article “Media Exposed: Donald Trump Did Not Make Fun of a Disabled Reporter” and the subsequent video (see below),

I have been read or viewed by over 736,000 people.  Both the article and video dealt with the fact that the media, especially the Washington Post, created a dishonest story to deflect from their own shortcomings and incompetence with respect to Donald Trump’s proclamation that Middle Easterners, living in New Jersey, were celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

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I’ve read the nearly 1,000 comments and have been pleased with most.  But the Hillary trolls have commented in droves.

Some ignore the facts, stating that they “know” Trump was making fun of Serge Kovaleski, the reporter with the disability.

In one sense they are correct.  Trump was making fun of the back-peddling flustered reporter, but he was NOT making fun of his disability.

Others try to deflect from the issue and focus in on Trump’s “thousands” comment from his original statement,

“I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down.  And I watched in Jersey City, NJ when thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down…thousands of people were cheering.” —

The fact that Middle Easterners, living in the United States, were cheering as the Twin Towers came crashing down and thousands of people died is undeniable.  But saying thousands were cheering was incorrect, and Mr. Trump was wrong.  The question I have to ask is why?  Why did Donald Trump claim thousands were cheering?

Well, let me explain how a reasonable man could have made this error.

A few years ago a friend and I were going fishing.  As we made our way to our favorite fishing spot, he commented that there was a story in the paper in which a woman had given birth to a baby boy who was 42 inches long and weighed over twenty pounds.  We both commented that was a huge baby, and expressed our condolences to the mother.

Later, when I arrived home, I picked up the paper and saw the story.  My friend had read the paper rather hastily because he missed the part that she gave birth to twins and the figures given were their combined length and weight.  Needless to say, I had to call him up and razz him a bit.  We both had a good laugh!

As I’ve stated before, I usually have a TV on in my office with the volume low 24-7.  I keep it on one of those pesky 24-hour cable news networks.  When I hear a story that interests me, I look at the TV.  If the report catches my attention, I may even turn up the volume.

I said all that to say this.  I remember hearing a report of Middle Easterners living in this country celebrating on 9/11.  I’m not sure if it was just a passing comment, or if I came in at the end of the report.  In all honesty, I haven’t given it much thought until Mr. Trump mentioned it in late 2015.

The report I do remember in more detail was somewhat close to this one. Brit Hume talking and a video showing hundreds, and it may have been thousands, of Palestinians living in east Jerusalem pouring out into the streets celebrating the 9/11 attacks. (See original report below).

So my question is simply this.  Is it not possible that Donald Trump saw these two reports, possibly one after the other, and meshed them together? After all, he was remembering events fourteen years earlier.

In my estimation, only an irrational person would answer no.  Only a hater would reject this as a possible explanation.

If you are one of those, let me leave you with this warning “Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things.” —Romans 2:1 EVS

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