Donald Trump Takes The Axe to Sanctuary Cities in New Budget Proposal


Donald Trump has been opposed every step of the way by liberals as it pertains to the U.S. immigration reform, but the President is not planning to back down.

There is a very real, very serious threat facing our country in the form of illegal immigration.  Not only do illegal immigrants place unnecessary burden on our economy due to their less than stringent adherence to the United States’ tax code, but they also create a legal logistical nightmare for the nation as a whole.  Cities across the country are certainly not united and homogenous in their treatment of illegal aliens, with so-called “sanctuary cities” openly defying the President and the laws of our nation.

Now, Trump is taking aim directly at those outliers in his new budget proposal.

“Buried in President Trump‘s budget proposal released Thursday was an opening salvo against so-called sanctuary cities, local jurisdictions he promised to punish for refusing to cooperate with deportation officers.

“Trump wants to slash $210 million in federal reimbursements to state and local jails that hold immigrants convicted of crimes while in the country illegally. The Trump administration called the program ‘poorly targeted,’ adding that two-thirds of the money goes to only a handful of states, including California and Illinois, ‘for the cost of incarcerating certain illegal criminal aliens.’

 “The money, awarded by the Department of Justice, can make up a sizable portion of budgets for state and local police and sheriff’s departments.”

While Trump is facing a ridiculous crisis as it pertains to immigration, mostly due to the increasingly asinine vitriol spewing forth from the mouths of globalists agitators within our country, this move just goes to show that the President still has a few tricks up his sleeve.


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