Donald Trump Takes Great Pleasure in Torturing the Media

President-Elect Donald Trump lives for torturing the media.

Trump knows his audience. He thoroughly enjoys making the media lose its mind. It’s fun to watch too.  Isn’t it? He loves playing games with the media. Frankly, I think he sent Ted Cruz to Trump tower just to mess with the media. Hey Ted, I’m bringing you to Trump Tower just to throw everybody off. I’m planning on nominating this guy over here anyway. I think he’s also trying to scare the Democrats. I personally don’t think Trump is looking to make Ted Cruz Attorney General. It sure is scaring the living day lights out of the media and the left though, isn’t it? Can you imagine a Ted Cruz combing thru endless wiki-leak emails? It’s a sight to behold. I bet old hag Hillary is wetting her depends just imagining that scenario playing out.

Trump loved Hamburger-gate.

Yeah ditching the sacred press corp detail for a big juicy hamburger.  The most hilarious thing is the media going ape crazy over the calories in his meal.  It’s as if Trump is hoping the media reacts the way it does. He plays them effortlessly. The more he feeds the beast, the more they lose their mind. Hamburger-gate is going to be a big part of Trump’s victory tour. You can count on it. They already have thrown everything at him and they have nothing left in their arsenal. Whatever they throw at Trump only helps Trump.

While most Republicans are scared of the media, Trump gives them the death stare.

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Consultants, GOP Establishment and even conservatives play games with media. They couldn’t take Trump down. They gave him everything they got and he simply got up and begged for more. They have become barking chihuahuas. They are irrelevant. Speaking of irrelevant, this video needs to be played over and over and over again. It’s the Establishment’s water boy Karl Rove saying Trump can’t win. Somebody needs to take Karl Rove by the neck and take his face and mash it into an ipad with this video playing and scream “eat it”!

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