Donald Trump Sweeps 5 States, Mathematically Impossible for Cruz to Win

Tuesday, April, 26, 2016, Donald Trump solidified his lead as the GOP frontrunner. He swept all five primaries. He won in landslides against his opponents in some state by more than 30 percentage points. The New York Times writes of Trump’s victory:

“His routs represented a breakthrough: He received more than half the vote in every state, after months of winning most primaries by only pluralities.

“Not only did Mr. Trump have significant prospects for a substantial delegate haul Tuesday, a week after his dominating performance in New York, he also had the opportunity to send a clear message to party leaders and other Republicans that resistance to his nomination is futile.”

The Associated Press reported that after the New York primary, there was no viable path for Ted Cruz to secure the 1,237 delegates needed to earn the GOP presidential nomination:

“There aren’t enough delegates left in future contests for either Cruz or Kasich to reach the 1,237 delegates needed to win the GOP nomination. Their only hope is to block Trump and force a contested convention.”

This would mean that Cruz would ignore the majority of voters and strong arm delegates to vote for him during a second or third ballot round at the GOP Convention. But, why isn’t Cruz following his own advice?

The Washington Post reports that before Cruz lost in New York, he blasted Kasich for staying in the race knowing he had no mathematical chance of winning the GOP nomination. He said,

“If you want to stop Donald Trump, there is only one campaign and only one candidate who has done so repeatedly and who has any plausible path to do so. For Kasich, it’s mathematically impossible.”

And, when it comes to a contested convention, Politico highlights, assuming Trump would be contesting his nomination, Cruz said:

“One of the greatest risks of a contested convention is, if you come out with a party fractured, it potentially makes you vulnerable going into the general election. I believe, in a contested convention, we’ll have a strong advantage and we will earn the majority of the delegates and unify the party. But in that circumstance it’s not difficult to imagine Donald Trump getting very upset, and making his upsetness [known].”

After he made these claim he was unable to secure a single delegate in New York, and continued on to lose in each of the next five states.

Trump has called for both Kasich and Cruz to exit the race and to announce their support for him, as the only candidate who can win the nomination.


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