Donald Trump Stopped Democrats from Killing Alaskans

Once again showing the massive difference between Democrats and Republicans, a new policy put in place by President Donald Trump’s administration will save the lives of Alaskan citizens by canceling a policy put in place by the anti-human Democrats, a policy that has caused the death of dozens of Alaskans.

There is a major difference between the two parties when it comes to protecting human life. Democrats simply don’t much care about people. Not only are they pro-abortion, but they also tend to put the lives of animals ahead of the lives of people (tell me how many liberals you know who say the lives of animals are more precious than humans). And the latter couldn’t be better illustrated than by the aforementioned policy in Alaska that Trump has finally changed after nearly 40 years.

Way back in 1980, one of our worst, failed presidents, Democrat Jimmy Carter, signed a bill creating the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. It was a law that aimed to protect the endangered Black Brant goose. The bill set aside a section of the Alaskan wilderness as a no-go zone by humans in order to protect the bird’s habitat.

It was all wonderful, good, and warm and fuzzy to want to save the endangered goose, no doubt. But, Carter’s law killed twelve Alaskans in just over the first decade of its existence. And those deaths kept piling up right until the era of Trump.

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You see, the law as signed prevented any encroachment by humans in or around the bird’s protected habitat. But, what became an unforeseen result was that Alaskans living on one side of the habitat in King Cove, Alaska, were completely cut off from the rest of humanity. And that meant that when there were medical emergencies, people living in King Cove were forced to take extremely circuitous routes to get to emergency medical attention. And all too often the extra travel time forced on these stricken humans caused them to die before reaching help.

Residents of King Cove have been asking for a simple emergency through road to go through the protected space since the bill was signed in the 1980s. But time and again their efforts died, right along with their stricken citizens. Reagan was unable to fulfill the request, as were both Bushes. And, naturally no Democrat president would acquiesce to the request. Indeed, adding to the mounting death toll, Bill Clinton went out of his way to veto a similar road back in the 1990s.

Alaska’s Republican Congressman, Don Young, recently gave the request another airing last year with an impassioned speech on the floor of the House.

“Let’s do what’s right today in the House of Representatives,” Young said adding that the people of King Cove deserved “to experience the medical care that the rest of us have.”

“We’re talking about an 11-mile, single-lane, gravel road to provide access” to hospitals that are “600 miles away in Anchorage,” Young said according to the Anchorage Daily News.

Even left-wing Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski stood in support of the road.

“After years of needless suffering, including 63 medevacs since December 2013 alone, I am grateful to have bipartisan support in Congress and — finally — an administration that understands why a road is the best and only option to truly protect the health and safety of local residents” Murkowski said in July.

Finally, On January 22, Donald Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke signed a land-swap agreement to allow the road. After six presidents and almost 40 years of neglect, Alaskans in King Cove are finally going to have the road that could save the lives of their most vulnerable citizens.

Alaskan Lives Matter… at least to Donald Trump and Republicans… if not any Democrat in the last 40 years.

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