Donald Trump Slated To Be First Commander in Chief Since Reagan To…


President Donald Trump has, in his first 80-some days as Commander in Chief, established himself as a politician like no other in the past three decades.

Not only has the President contributed to a massive shift in the global economy and the United States’ own patriotism, Trump’s conservative politics have created a wave of momentum around the world.  The sudden surge of right wing politicians such as France’s Marine Le Pen can be traced back to the improbable, yet entirely vindicated, triumph of The Donald.

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Now, seeing as Trump has gone about setting himself wildly apart from his predecessors, it is only fitting that the newly anointed President would take a page from the Gospel of Reagan.

“President Donald Trump will be the first President to speak at the NRA Annual Meetings since Ronald Reagan did it in 1983.

“He will speak to the NRA’s 2017 Leadership Forum in Atlanta on April 28.

 “Breitbart News reported that the NRA endorsed Trump on May 20, 2016, during the 2016 Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. Thereafter, the NRA campaigned for Trump, and Trump reminded voters again and again that he would work with the NRA to save the Second Amendment if elected.

“Trump will now return to speak to the gun rights group that cheered him to victory last year. Bloomberg reports that this will make him ‘the first U.S. president to address the gun-rights group since Ronald Reagan in 1983.’”

The NRA’s support of the conservative movement has been a sticking point for angsty liberals for years.  Where our nation’s 2nd Amendment has often been misconstrued by the meddling left, it takes a leader such as Trump to continue to bolster the Constitution against attacks from the left.  His appearance with the NRA should help to solidify the President’s motives as they concern one of the nations’ most precious tenets.

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