Donald Trump says He “Left Nothing on the Table” in Campaign During “Thank You Tour” Stop in Wisconsin

President-elect Donald Trump’s “Thank You Tour” of America made a stop in West Allis, Wisconsin earlier this week. During the visit Mr. Trump told the gathered crowd that he did his very best during the campaign, leaving everything he had “on the table” and “on the field.”

Partial Transcript below, you can read the full transcript at RCP:

Merry Christmas, everybody. Happy new year, but merry Christmas. I’m here today for one main reason, to say thank you to the people of Wisconsin, incredible people.

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And you know a wonderful thing because now after millions and millions of dollars were wasted, and countless hours were spent, the recount vote has come back. You know I called it a scam but I won’t say that because we want to be nice. Okay? So I refuse to say it was a scam tonight. All right? This way they can’t report that I said it. And after all of this money was spent, by the Democrats, believe me, they were behind it, okay.  

And the green party. Wonderful party. She got less than 1% but she thought she was going to catch us. All that money, all that time, all that effort we added, we got 131 votes more. Than we had before. I think it was worth it. What did they spend 3.5 million for 131 votes. That’s okay.

Tells you how important every single vote in America is. Right? We won Wisconsin for the first time since 1984.

32 years ago. You went out and you pounded the pavement, organized your fellow citizens. And propelled to victory a grassroots movement, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Now, all over the world they’re talking about this. And they’re now comparing what is happening in other places, far away places with what happened here. So, and brexit now is sort of a small version of what we did. But I predicted brexit. When I predicted brexit they all said he doesn’t know what he is talking about. And when it happened, they refused to acknowledge that I predicted. It was just — I will never forget you and I will never ever stop fighting for you.

Okay? Never. I’m honored to be here tonight with our incredible Wisconsin leadership team.

Sheriff David Clarke, where are these people?

Sheriff Clarke. Senator Ron Johnson, come from behind. He came from behind. Governor Scott walker, where is Scott? Oh, man. He was tough. He was great. Is he great governor. He really is is he a great person and is he a great governor. And I went against him for a while and I want to tell you he was tough. So now it’s going to be your turn very soon. I don’t know. You and pence are going to have to fight it out. I don’t know.

Thank you, governor. I appreciate it. Speaker Paul Ryan, I’ve really come to…

[Crowd booing at the mention of Paul Ryan.]

Oh, no. I have come to appreciate him. Speaker Paul Ryan. Where is the Speaker? Where is he? He has been, tell you, he has been terrific. Honestly, he is like a fine wine…

My administration will be focused on three very important words: Jobs, jobs, jobs.

Whether it’s building cars, producing steel or curing disease, we want the next generation of innovation and production to happen right here in America and right here in Wisconsin. Right?

First on taxes this is where we really need Paul. We are going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simplifications in American history. This includes a massive tax cut for the middle class and middle class families from Wisconsin, too.

We’re also going to lower our business tax rates so that so that new company also come to our shores and hire workers in cities like right here. Is that okay? That’s what we want.
We’re going to bring our rates down from 35%. Going to try to get it down to 15%. So right now, and by the way the jobs will pour in. So right we’re the highest taxed nation in the world. And when we finish we will be one of the lower taxed.

One of the lower. On regulations which is perhaps even more important because our companies are dying and being strangled through regulation. We are going to eliminate all wasteful job killing regulations. On energy, we will cancel the restrictions on the destruction of American energy, including shale, natural gas, and clean beautiful coal. We’re going to put our miners back to work.
On infrastructure I will ask Congress to pass legislation that produces $1 trillion of new investment in America’s crumbling infrastructure. And it is crumbling. You know, I have a friend, big guy, one of the biggest in the world, trucking, and he used to buy these beautiful trucks. Beautiful, beautiful, the most expensive. And he calls me up recently and says I can’t buy them anymore because we go from California to New York and by the time they get to new York, or California, if they are going the other way they are all beat to hell because of the potholes in the highways. I said was it ever like this? He has been doing this for 45 years. He said never been like this. So we have to fix our infrastructure we have no choice.
And we’re going to put our people back to work in the process. It’s time to help get Americans off of welfare and back into the labor market…

He’s the bottom line. We are going to make you so proud of your country again. So proud.
We are never, ever going to let you down. We are never going to let you down. Believe me. I’m saying this from the heart. This is me to you. This is not reading anything. No speeches, no nothing. This is me to you. I say it to the heart. And maybe even more so, I know how hard you worked in this state and my people were so incredible in this state, the people that got out the vote, and they said they didn’t even have to work to get out the vote. It’s so incredible.
We’re never going to let you down, Wisconsin. And I just want to tell you in the truest sense of the words, it’s a theme that we started right from the beginning, we’re going to make America strong again. We’re going to make America powerful again. We’re going to make America rich again, wealthy again.

We are going to make America great again.
So I want to thank you Wisconsin.
God bless you, merry Christmas. God bless you. Thank you, Wisconsin. Thank you. Thank you. 

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