Donald Trump says Colin Kaepernick should Find a New Country to Call Home!

Oh, Donald!

This is why so many Americans love Donald Trump, isn’t it? Because he’s so willing to say what everyone else is afraid of saying in public?

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The Colin Kaepernick – National Anthem brouhaha has been the talk of the nation for the last week or so, and the presidential candidates haven’t been immune from getting caught up in the discussion. Recently, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared on “the Dori Monson Show” where he was asked to expound on his thoughts about the controversy. As is his wont, Mr. Trump was all too happy to jump into the fray and let Kaepernick know how he felt about his slight against the US of A.

Monson: Are you following 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand for the anthem? He had bad things to say about both you and Hillary.

Donald Trump: I have followed it and I think it’s personally not a good thing, I think it’s a terrible thing. And maybe he should find a country that works better for him, let him try. It won’t happen.

Of course… this is hardly the kind of argument you want to use when making a “philosophical” case for something. But there is a kind of simplistic beauty to Mr. Trump’s comments. This is exactly how most Americans who are upset about Kaepernick’s behavior feel. We innately know that while the United States may be flawed, our nation is still much further along the road for justice and equality than almost any other nation in the world. Even more, there is simply no other DIVERSE nation in the world that can come close to measuring up to us and our standards of justice, equality, fraternity, and compassion. NONE.

So while Mr. Trump’s argument may not work in a philosophical debate, it most certainly does work “on the street” with the “average Joe.”

Try to find some place better Colin… you won’t be able to.

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