Donald Trump Needs to Defeat the GOP Establishment, Not Win Them Over [VIDEO]

Donald Trump’s base wants him to defeat the Republican establishment, not make a deal for their support!

The truth is that the defeat of the Republican establishment has already been accomplished, or else Donald Trump would not be the Republican nominee. The only hope the establishment has (apart from the fantasy of running an alternative candidate) is to convince Trump that he hasn’t really beaten them—that he must “make a deal” with them.

Doug Wead, former special assistant to President Bush, described what they would try to do back in March. Boy did he call it right!

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Recently, at the Washington Examiner, Byron York wrote about Donald Trump’s “challenge” in red states.

Paul Ryan aside, Donald Trump has actually won the support — or at least the non-opposition — of a significant part of the national Republican power structure. But as Trump works to win over the rest of the GOP leadership, he still faces real problems in some unexpected places. For example, South Carolina — stalwart, deep-red South Carolina — has become a leading example of a solidly conservative state with Republican leadership still unreconciled to a Trump victory.

But wait! Wasn’t South Carolina a part of that victory? Yes, indeed! Trump won by a landslide. The popular vote is tabulated at Real Clear Politics:

  • John Kasich: 56,206 votes
  • Ted Cruz: 164,790 votes
  • Marco Rubio: 165,881 votes
  • Donald Trump: 239,851 votes

And remember, Trump won this victory after attacking the Iraq invasion and George Bush’s deceptions that justified it. South Carolina was supposed to be a pro-military state. To the Establishment that meant Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio would win. But to many people in South Carolina who have been abused by these unnecessary and purposeless foreign occupations, Trump was the obvious choice—just like he is for many soldiers.

It turns out that York doesn’t mean Trump has to win over Republican voters, because he already has.

Of course, Trump is going to win South Carolina in the general election. But everything is easier if the state’s governing establishment is on a candidate’s side. And Trump’s problems with that establishment were on painful display recently when the South Carolina GOP held its annual convention and fundraising dinner. Presidential politics is huge in South Carolina, and every May of every presidential election year, the dinner teems with presidential talk, with party officials leading the way. But not this year.

Gov. Nikki Haley gave two speeches, one on at the dinner on Friday, May 6 and one at the convention the next day. At neither did Haley mention the name Donald Trump, or refer to the party’s presumptive nominee, or even take note of the fact that there is a presidential election this year.

I disagree with York that Trump should try to win these people over.

Nikki Haley is the enemy of conservatives. She attacked Republican voters with basic concerns about immigration and security. The voters who sided with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz were repudiating her stringent attacks. She also has been prominent in leaving families and Christians defenseless to the pansexual left.

It is noteworthy that she was given the platform of responding to Barack Obama’s State of the Union message. She was given the opportunity by the Republican leadership obviously not because she had sharp words for a Leftist president, but because they wanted her to attack other Republicans!

Trump should make no deals with Haley or anyone like her. Any GOP state establishment that so despises Republican voters should be rendered obsolete and removed from leadership.

Donald Trump needs to side with the voters in South Carolina and continue to defeat the Republican establishment.

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