Donald Trump, the Mexican Judge, and the Illogic of Political Correctness

The “Mexican judge” comment may have been inaccurate, but people claiming Hispanics hate Donald Trump should not deny the possibility of bias.

You will notice at the beginning of the exchange below that [score]Paul Ryan[/score] claims he doesn’t see the logic of the Mexican judge comment made by Donald Trump (“It’s reasoning I don’t relate to”).

I know nothing about the case against Trump or the basis of the judge’s decision. Whenever the accused charges a judge with bias there is a possibility that the judge was fair but the accused doesn’t want anyone to believe that the judge’s ruling was accurate according to the law. In this case the judge ordered the release of Trump University records.

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Maybe the judge was right. Personally, when I look at what Donald Trump might be guilty of and compare it to the mass death inflicted by Hillary Clinton, it doesn’t seem that difficult a decision to make; I still want Trump in office. I don’t think anything in Trump University is going to compare to Hillary’s emails.

But the other possibility is that the judge was biased.

Trump has alleged that the judge’s Mexican heritage indicates that he is biased.

Paul Ryan has joined with others in discounting that charge.


Ryan doesn’t argue that the Federal judge is right based on the legal merits of the decision. He simply asserts that he sees no logic in the charge.

I find this rather amazing.

Are Federal judges never biased? We know they are.

Is the judge’s Mexican heritage of no possible relevance to a judge’s ruling that ends up embarrassing a Presidential candidate in the midst of a campaign?

How can that be? We have been told over and over again that Donald Trump has high negatives with Hispanics because he wants to enforce U.S. immigration law. In fact, Trump is supposedly a racist who hates all Latinos because he opposes illegal immigration.

If that is the way all or most Hispanics feel, then that means it is highly likely that this judge both dislikes Donald Trump (to put it mildly) and believe his presidency will be damaging to Hispanics.

But there is no logic behind the claim that he has a conflict of interest?

Again, I am not agreeing with Donald Trump. I don’t know that the judge ruled wrongly. But liberals have been claiming from the beginning of the campaign that Hispanics can’t stand Trump. So why is Ryan acting like it is impossible to imagine a Federal judge with a Latino heritage is biased?

He knows quite well that Donald Trump’s claim, whether it is true or false, makes perfect sense. Ryan has simply decided that he must bow to political correctness even if it means telling an absurdity that contradicts a major claim made against Trump (that Latinos oppose him) in the first place.

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