Donald Trump Just Got OWNED At The GOP Debate Last Night [Catch the Highlights Here]

Donald Trump Just Got OWNED At The GOP Debate Last Night [Catch the Highlights Here]

There’s a scene in the 1996 film “Matilda” in which Ms. Trunchbull, the school’s evil head mistress who scares, bullies, and tortures the children, finally gets her comeuppance. Using her magical powers, little Matilda terrifies Trunchbull with a fake haunting. For the first time in the film, we see absolute fear in the eyes of the nasty woman.

During Thursday night’s Republican debate, for the first time this election cycle, I saw fear in Donald Trump’s eyes.

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When Megyn Kelly confronted The Donald about his fraudulent Trump University and the class action lawsuit pending against him, the business mogul did his best to fight back. But when [score]Marco Rubio[/score] and [score]Ted Cruz[/score] piled on, throwing relentless and brutal punches, Trump finally crumbled. It was at that point that Trump projected, calling Rubio a fraud.

The attacks came again and again from Kelly, Rubio, and Cruz over the course of the entire debate. From Trump University to his ludicrous plan for prescription drug spending; from his secret talk with The New York Times to his hiring of foreign workers; from his constantly-shifting policy positions to his decades-long support of liberals like Hillary Clinton and [score]Harry Reid[/score], the hits kept coming. After about an hour of defense, suddenly, Trump shut his gob.

Trump’s patented yell-over-whomever’s-talking-then-lie strategy didn’t work this time.

In a post-debate interview with Bill O’Reilly, Trump looked visibly subdued, and agitated. Like a spoiled child whose parents finally put their foot down, Trump became sullen, and clipped, eager to get away from O’Reilly.

Just for fun, here are several of Trump’s more blatant lies from tonight’s debate (all quotes from the debate come from The Washington Post’s transcript):

Number One:

TRUMP: “I beat Hillary Clinton. I beat Hillary Clinton in many polls.”


According to RealClearPolitics, Trump loses to Clinton in 40 of the last 47 polls taken. Clinton beats Trump by an average of 3.4 percent.

Number Two:

RUBIO: “Of all the people on this stage, he performs the worst against Hillary Clinton.”


TRUMP: “Wrong…”


The RealClearPolitics polling average puts Donald Trump at the bottom of the five man contest against Hillary Clinton.

Number Three:

TRUMP: “Today, I beat her today in a poll in Ohio. I beat — I’m the only one that beats Hillary Clinton.”


According to the latest poll taken in Ohio (by Quinnipiac), Donald Trump does beat Hillary…but so do Cruz and Rubio. Adding insult to injury, Trump beats Hillary by the smallest margin of any candidate. Moreover, as I noted above, Trump doesn’t just lose to Hillary sometimes, he loses to her the majority of the time.

Number Four:

After Ted Cruz brought up Trump’s hiring of foreign workers over American workers at his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, Trump defended his actions, saying American “people don’t want a short-term job.”


The New York Times reports:

“Since 2010, nearly 300 United States residents have applied or been referred for jobs as waiters, waitresses, cooks and housekeepers there. But according to federal records, only 17 have been hired. In all but a handful of cases, Mar-a-Lago sought to fill the jobs with hundreds of foreign guest workers from Romania and other countries.”

Number Five:

Speaking of his fraudulent Trump University, Trump said:

“We have an ‘A’ from the Better Business Bureau.”


Megyn Kelly hit back on that one:

“The rating from the Better Business Bureau was a D minus. That’s the last publicly available rating in 2010, and it was a result of the number of complaints they had received.”

Then Trump changed his tune:

“…It was elevated to an ‘A.'”

Nope. The last available rating from 2010 was a ‘D minus.’

Image Credit: Screenshot
Image Credit: Screenshot

Ladies and gentlemen, we may have just witnessed the beginning of an epic Donald Trump decline.

The brute hit the mat hard Thursday–and he knows it. Lest you doubt, look no further than Trump’s face at the beginning of his post-debate interview with O’Reilly:

Like when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds after days of rain, step into the light and warmth of Trump’s utter failure, and bask in it.

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